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"A man of integrity?! I ought to smack you!"


"A man of integrity?! I ought to smack you!"
Mankind: "I made a movie — when I was eighteen — about myself, maybe as a type of escape where I was a wrestler and it's strange, the first time I ever met Shawn Michaels, you know him—"

Jim Ross: "Oh yeah, very well."

Mankind: "—he looked at my scarred and battered body. He didn't know me, but he knew the legend of who I was before, and he said, 'Is this the way you always envisioned yourself?' Looking somewhat down on me. And I said, 'No, you know the strange thing is I always imagined myself being you.' And he said, 'You mean the champ?' And I said, 'No, I mean the girls.' Jewelry, the tattoos, the love. So in my movie I was not Mick Foley. I sure as hell wasn't Mankind. I was Dude Love."

[Ein Amateur-Video wird eingespielt: Dude Love im November 1983: "We are gonna tear this rotten apple right down to its stinking New York core, and while we're here, we're here only one reason, one reason only, fame, honor, fortune, glory, to destruct, destroy, and to take that World Wrestling Federation Championshp Belt..."]

Mankind: "And during the course of the movie, dating back to my experience at Madison Square Garden, I decided I was going to do something heroic, I was going to do something to make people cheer for me, so I ascended up onto my friend's roof, and I dove off."

[Voiceover von Jim Ross, während weitere Videoclips gezeigt werden: "Ironically, The Loved One gave Mick Foley his first break; it became an underground hit and somehow wound up in the hands of Dominic Denucci. Denucci admired Mick's guts more than his skill and took him under his wing. Every weekend for the next two years Mick traveled 800 miles round-trip eating and sleeping in the beackseat of his '79 Ford Fairmount still hoping to realize his dream."]

Mankind: "I knew I wasn't ready to be Dude Love yet, I never wanted to be Cactus Jack. I figured, here is a horrible name for a horrible wrestler, and by golly as soon as I get the ability that I'll get that heart-shaped tatoo on my chest, I'll put those ear-rings in, and I'm gonna get the girls. And it never worked out that way, did it, Jimmy?"

Jim Ross: "Not quite."

Mankind: "I guess nature didn't cooperate with me. Cactus Jack was supposed to be around for three months. he stayed for eleven years. What made Cactus Jack different was that he just wanted it a little bit more. He was willing to sleep in a filthy car in order to achieve his dreams. He was willing to forgo romantic relationships to be the best. He was somebody in an era of bodybuilder physiques who carved out his own niche, who said 'I'm gonna make it on my own style', who said 'No one else is gonna tell me what to do, I'm not going to dye my hair. I'm going to be exactly who I am, and I'm going to do it my way.'"

Jim Ross: "Don't you think that it's about time in your life where you looked squarely in the mirror and accepted the personal responsibility for who you are? Don't you believe that you yourself have caused and brought on all these problems?"

Mankind: "I think it's time for you to maybe start doing your damn job. I think it's time for you to end this facade of journalistic integrity. You know what you tell people week in and week out? You say 'Look at Mankind, I don't even know if he feels pain, or maybe he likes pain.' You see you're a powerful man, Jimmy, you have got the ability to reach a lot of people, to spread the truth, and you neglect to do it. Let me ask YOU a couple of questions. What is it about pain that I love? You see, I feel just like every other person, you see that? [reißt sich brutal einige Haare aus] It hurts! Is it when I can't get up when my little boy said, 'Daddy, I want to play ball' and I can't do it? Is that where the fun starts? Is it where a doctor injects a 12-inch needle into the discs in my spine so I can wrestle one more day? Whoopee! Let the party begin!

I can't believe you sit here and ask me those questions. Do I bring it on to myself? I haven't done a damn thing to you. All you've done to people is mislead them and let them think I'm having the time of my goddamned life when I'm in pain! Don't you look at me with that smug look. You make me sick. A man of integrity?! I ought to smack you!"

[Mankind attackiert Jim Ross und das Interview endet abrupt]
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