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"As long as these folks here say so, I will crawl down here on my hands and knees"


"As long as these folks here say so, I will crawl down here on my hands and knees"
Chris Jericho: "The Academy Awards are on Sunday and if any Academy members are watching I implore you to not vote for Mickey Rourke for best actor. Because if you do, it could spark a chain reaction that has terrible consequences on this business. You see, if Rourke wins, that would send a message to all the Hall of Famers, all of the legends, all of the washed-up has-been losers who are holding on,leeching off this business, begging for one last run of success. But I'm here to say that's not gonna happen. They're very delusional about this, but the truth is: It won't happen. And the only one with enough courage to tell them so is me.

But I know why all of you respect the legends so. Why you cheer for them, why you encourage them, why you enable them. It's because they're all just like you: Weak, shallow, insecure human beings. Hypocrites and liars, who need to be shut down and shut up for their own good. And you can boo me if you want but you're booing an honest man. A man who tells the truth. Yeah, you don't like that, do ya? But the truth hurts. And I will continue to tell the truth..."

[Roddy Pipers Musik ertönt und er kommt zum Ring]

Roddy Piper: "You want the truth? I'm gonna shoot with you on this one. Let me tell you something, man, I have watched you your entire career. And I like you. I'll tell you why. You said what was on your mind and then you had the guts to come in the ring and back it up. I respected that. It reminded me of somebody I know. What happened?
Now, you get on television and you're running your mouth. You're calling me out, you're calling Flair out, you're calling the other legends out. You used to be entertaining. What happened? You're judging us. You patronize us. You tell us what we should be and what should not be doing. Let me take one of your quotes: Please, shut the hell up."

Chris Jericho: "Sure, Piper. Dance like a puppet on a string. Make all of these fans cheer for you..."

Roddy Piper: "I'M NOT FINISHED YET! Mickey Rourke is my friend. And I watched his movie ‘The Wrestler'. And yes, I cried. The movie is not about a bunch of old timers that want another run. The movie is about the honor and respect we have for everyone. The movie is about the pain - physically and emotionally. And most of all, most important why we do what we do - for the thrill of performing. Ric Flair was right: We live for this!

I have people to come up to me and say: 'Hey Roddy, we remember when you slapped Mr. T. And I have people come up to me and say: 'When my grandad was alive we watched you shave Adrian Adonis' head. And Chris, you wanna bury these moments. No, these moments are to be celebrated. These moments...

Last year I was in the Royal Rumble and when I came out in the Madison Square Garden, 24.000 people jumped to their feet. And just for one second, Chris, I felt like I was back in the first WrestleMania. That was the thrill of a lifetime for me. I have one hip and I hurt all the time. But as long as these folks here say so, I will crawl down here on my hands and knees to give them one more memorable moment because old school's cool."

[Piper reicht Jericho die Hand, doch der tritt gegen dessen Bein, so dass er zu Boden fällt und tritt und schimpft auf ihn ein]

Jericho: "Crawl! Crawl! Crawl around! You wanna crawl around here, Piper? You can crawl. Dance like a puppet on a string! You want respect? You want respect? Crawl! Crawl! Crawl for these... Crawl! Crawl! Crawl around, Piper!"
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