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"I want that streak beaten, I want the Undertaker stripped of the streak, I want the streak conquered"


"I want that streak beaten, I want the Undertaker stripped of the streak, I want the streak conquered"
Paul Heyman: "I think he deserves louder than that! [Lauter Jubel und "CM Punk"-Sprechhöre. Heyman setzt sich im Schneidersitz in den Ring] I came here tonight to tell the story of a Paul Heyman Guy. A Paul Heyman Guy that was never truly wanted in WWE. A Paul Heyman Guy that they [deutet auf die Rampe] though was too small to mainevent WrestleMania. [Buhrufe] A Paul Heyman Guy that didn't have the right corporate look, a Paul Heyman Guy that has too many tattoos, a Paul Heyman Guy that would rebel against the system, against The Authority, against the first family to such a degree that they didn't want him in WWE from day one and they don't want him in WWE right now. [Buhrufe und "CM Punk"-Chants] I came here tonight to tell you the story of a Paul Heyman Guy that had the balls to say what nobody else had the balls to say. [Jubel]I came here tonight to tell you about a Paul Heyman Guy that was born in, raised in and still lives in Chicago. [Jubel] My name is Paul Heyman and, ladies and gentlemen, this is my pipe bomb about CM Punk [Jubel], who is not here this evening. [laute Buhrufe]

And here's the biggest part of my pipe bomb—["CM Punk"-Chants] hey, if you're looking for me to disagree with you, I'm sorry I don't. No one is more upset that he can't see CM Punk perform in this ring tonight than I am! No one! Because if CM Punk were here tonight he would be doing exactly what he always claimed to do, he would be proving his detractors wrong and he would be showing the entire WWE Universe that he is the best in the world. So what really happened? Why isn't CM Punk here tonight? Why won't anybody talk about CM Punk anymore? ‘Cause there is a finger to point around here, there is someone to blame. There's someone to hold accountable why CM Punk just wouldn't put up with it anymore. And ladies and gentlemen, there comes a time where you have to risk your own job security and point that finger of blame and tonight in this very ring I point the blame for the fact that CM Punk is not here tonight, I point that finger at each and every single one of you. [Deutet ins Publikum, was diese mit Heat quittieren].

Oh you can boo me all you want. The truth hurts, doesn't it? That is why I always found it so much easier in life to lie. People except lies so much easier, but the truth does stink just a little bit, doesn't it? The fact is when CM Punk was with me, CM Punk was the longest reigning WWE Champion of the past twenty-five years. I provided CM Punk the bosom from which his soul could be nourished and then you [Deutet ins Publikum] took him away from me. [Laute Buhrufe] You made CM Punk your hero, you said you would give CM Punk your love, your affection, your respect, your affirmation. And how far did it get you? You didn't just take CM Punk away from me, you took CM Punk away from yourselfs. [Buhrufe] I don't just blame each and every single one of you; I blame someone else as well. I blame The Undertaker! [Buhrufe] Because this entire downward spiral began when we couldn't beat the streak at last year's WrestleMania. And if anybody wants to carry a message to The Undertaker right now, carry this: Paul Heyman wants revenge.

So how do you get revenge against The Undertaker? How do you kill what's already dead? The fact is, I want to see the streak taken away from The Undertaker and there's only one man in the face of the planet that can do it. I want that streak beaten, I want the Undertaker stripped of the streak, I want the streak conquered. And there's only one man who can conquer that streak and he's my best friend in the world. HE IS THE CONQUEROR, HE IS THE BEAST INCARNATE— BROCK LESNAR!

[Lesnar kommt unter lautstarker Heat zum Ring. Die Fans starten laute "CM Punk"-Sprechhöre]

Before we address what happened last week right here on Raw, I would like to show you exactly what The Undertaker is capable of. "

[Ein Video von der Vertragsunterzeichnung aus der Vorwoche wird eingespielt, als der Undertaker Brock Lesnar den Stift in die Hand "rammte" und ihn danach mit einem Chokeslam durch den Tisch beförderte]

Brock Lesnar: "Unlike some people I don't make claims that I can't back up. Last week, The Undertaker attacked me because I believe—yes, I believe in my heart that that man is scared to death of me. There has been many of foe that have tried to conquer the streak and all of them have failed to do so. Shawn Michaels, Triple H and your own little baby boy CM Punk. [Buhrufe] Failures. At WrestleMania XXX the streak is gonna get conquered by me— BROCK LESNAR!"

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