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Reine Durchschnittswertung basierend auf den angezeigten Kommentaren: 8.70
Wrasslinfan619 schrieb am 09.02.2023:
[9.0] "Kyona rules and I'm glad she came back this year, Great underdog and one of the best joshi's of this generation and maybe ever."
vel schrieb am 01.04.2022:
[10.0] "Jungle Kyona is awesome wrestler. Her in-ring abilities are very good, but it's not even her strongest point. The most important thing is Jungle's character. She is truly a brilliant underdog. Every time I listen to her another loser promo, my eyes fill with tears. It's just so natural. A woman who was not inferior to others in strength, speed or ambitions. Failures have grown in her on a psychological level. She was never able to win the singles title at Stardom. I hope she blossoms in the independent scene."
R0n1n schrieb am 29.03.2022:
[10.0] "One of the most underrated joshis who, despite her incredible effort and passion, never got a deserving single's push to the top. She has everything: skill, charisma, selling; she's an incredible underdog and you can't help but root for her. I'm happy she left her former promotion which sadly never looked at her as a main eventer, and became a freelancer, because I'm absolutely sure others will be hugely interested in her. She deserves better."
Kung schrieb am 30.05.2021:
[9.0] "I don't know if there's a better pure babyface in Joshi today than Jungle Kyona. I know it's been a long time since we've seen her in the ring, but lest we all forget that she is a dynamic wrestler in the ring and eternally likable. I hope that she can come back healthy and ready to take the red belt... or any belt for that matter!"
Suzukigun schrieb am 28.04.2021:
[9.0] "She won't be everyone's cup of tea but if you get her, you can't help but love her. She's so charismatic, so amazing as an underdog and her spirit is undeniable. Oh and she can go in the ring too. She deserves her big moment at some point after she returns."
Shoot Headbutt Lover schrieb am 16.02.2021:
[10.0] "I would say she's all charisma but sweet lord man, she's got the in ring talent, she can fly, she can do submissions, her psychology is on point, and she can brawl like no other in Stardom. Jungle Kyona is well developed in the ring and has put on classics with Momo Watanabe, Arisa Hoshiki, and that sick tag with Momo against Mayu & Kagetsu. I don't see her fanbase as like a cult, it's more of "We see this amazingly talented person whose only fault is that she doesn't do dives to outside, and we want her to hold "A" singles belt. It could be the SWA or the White Belt, we just want her to have singles title. " and I really feel that. Even when she was up against my top 3 favorites in Momo, Arisa, and Mayu when challenging for their singles belts, I wanted Jungle Kyona to win. I just want her to succeed because she can."
ElPolloLoco schrieb am 18.12.2020:
[5.0] "Limited in the ring but ready to take big risks. She's a good babyface underdog facing impossible odds but so far she has proven inadequate in other roles. The sudden passing of Hana Kimura forced her to become the mouthpiece and face of the Tokyo Cyber Squad and highlighted her serious limits everywhere. She's a good midcarder who respects the business, and as such has been booked about right so far, but she has developed a small but very devoted (almost cult-like) following among Western fans which sometimes I find scary."
SpaceLionW schrieb am 11.08.2020:
[8.0] "It will take some time to understand the appeal of Kyona, and the best analogy I can give is that she's kind of like Goto if Goto enjoyed life. Very physical in ring and awkward-yet-enthusiastic outside. Now if she could just win something that would be really cool..."
CrazyCoffee schrieb am 28.07.2020:
[10.0] "The number one reason why I follow Stardom right now. A truly under appreciated worker who absolutely deserves more. Bushiroad and Rossy, please give her a chance to run with the ball, and give her a red title run. Edit- (After her red belt match with Mayu) Oh god, her chances are slipping away even further.... why does she keep losing big singles matches....."
CatPower schrieb am 02.06.2020:
[10.0] "She is a really good underrated wrestler, Stardom should believe in her because her in-ring is really good and she has a lot of charisma, she has all to be on the top"
Riggs schrieb am 24.02.2020:
[9.0] "She is very charismatic. She is more of a power wrestler. Right now I really only see Mayu as on the same level in Stardom, but there are some really good wrestlers coming up. I have never seen her have a match that was not entertaining. Edit: So two years later. She is still every bit as good in the ring and has great charisma. However, a number of wrestlers have come back, entered, or risen up in Stardom and she is somewhat overshadowed. Saki and Arisa came back to Stardom. Hana and Tam are now signed there. Giulia, Konami, Syuri, and Riho have come. Momo and Utami have risen to great heights. Her rating hasn't changed. But in light of everything that has happened in the last 2. 5 years, Jungle seems to have taken a step back."
Caas schrieb am 18.02.2020:
[10.0] "Jungle Kyona is my favourite. She has great crowd rapport, lays in the strikes, and comes off as powerful as hell. Her personal history ftom before pro-wrestling is extremely marketable, and I'm so thankful that Rossy and Kidaani have reconsidered her position within the promotion moving forward into the new era of Stardom."
KyleEnjoysWrestling schrieb am 01.08.2019:
[7.0] "Jungle Kyona is a great power player in Stardom. At a time when the majority of the girls on that brand are smaller strikers or fliers, Kyona brings something different to the table. However I will say that I think she's miscast as the colorful team player. I think if they turned her heel & did something along the lines of what Io's going through in NXT currently, that would do wonders for her in the long run. I'm a big proponent on the little things mattering & anything that might lead her to stop putting that paint on her face would be a positive."
NEVERoverweightChampion schrieb am 04.07.2019:
[8.0] "Excellent power wrestler who always look great in every big opportunity she has. Simple but efficient moveset, good presence and brings a lot of energy to her matches. It's sad to see that she's never had a real opportunity to have a singles run, she deserves better like many others."
dontkilldyl schrieb am 01.10.2018:
[10.0] "Jungle Kyona is making a quiet run as one of the best wrestlers in all of Joshi, shes not the most gifable wrestler in Stardom, her offense is quite simple, with the bulk being clotheslines, splashes and her Hammer-throw Powerbomb, but everything she does she does very well, couple that with her rare understanding of ring psychology, intensity and babyface charisma and you have a wrestler who can put on a good match with just about anyone, regardless of experience. Possibly the scariest part of all of this is that Kyona hasn't even been wrestling for 3 years, she has a great career (and a red belt) ahead of her."
MunroeEOTS schrieb am 20.08.2018:
[7.0] "Kyona usually goes under the radar due to the much more popular and known names that are (were) in the company at the same time as her. However, she is super talented and dependable in the ring. I love the energy she brings. She's super charismatic and a great baby face. She is definitely a star and I'm sure time at the top is coming soon for her."
jamzell00 schrieb am 04.05.2018:
[9.0] "She brings so much energy to her matches and I love it. She works a powerhouse style and it works with her strange but effective gimmick. Seriously this gimmick should have failed with the crowd and me but omgoodness I love her so much. With Shirai, Storm and Mayu being on top she hasn't been given a chance to be at the top of the promotion but when her time comes, she'll be ready. Jungle Jungle!"
PistolPeteMatty schrieb am 10.05.2017:
[8.0] "With top spots opening up in Stardom, I see Jungle Kyona becoming a bigger name for the company. After seeing her match with Kairi Hojo from Stardom of Champions, I truly believe she's one of the brightest young stars in the company."
LooseExplosion schrieb am 17.12.2016:
[7.0] "Bright, charismatic rookie. One year in and Kyona is one of Stardom's top midcarders, with potential to move into that main event scene depending on personnel changes within the next year. One thing that strikes me about Kyona, besides her infectious personality, is how hard she works. She's really becoming something special. Definitely one to keep an eye on."
Luv all wrestling schrieb am 04.09.2016:
[9.0] "As of this writing Jungle Kyona has had around 46 matches, yet already has future ace written on her. she can keep up with STARDOM's best and has only been training for a year. Jungle Kyona always has great matches, a amazing understanding of psychology and made a potentially dumb gimmick in Tarzan girl and has made it awesome."