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"My name is Vince Russo and I am the antichrist of professional wrestling"


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"My name is Vince Russo and I am the antichrist of professional wrestling"
Mike Tenay: "Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time let me introduce to you, the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff Jarrett."

[Jarretts Theme ertönt, doch an dessen Stelle erscheint Vince Russo in der Halle.]

Vince Russo: "Kill that music! ['Russo'] Wait a minute, wait. [Hält Tenay zurück.] Weren't you the one that said, if Russo's coming back, you quit NWA? There's the door, pal. Don't let it hit you on the ass on the way out. I can get a chimpenzee in here next week with more personality than you. And you know what? Go home, pal with Sean Waltman. Goodbye.

For those of you, who don't know me, my name is Vince Russo and I am the antichrist of professional wrestling. I kept a low profile for two years, but I'm thinking before this business gets deeper in the shiter Vince Russo better come back. I'll tell you what. I'm here to talk about Jeff Jarrett, 'cause I got a lot of thinks I wanna say. And to the old man, who's shitting in the back with those headphones on his head, if ya kill my mic, I'll come back there and I'll smack the shit out of you.

Let me tell you about Jeff Jarrett. Let me tell you about friendship. I met Jeff Jarrett, when he was doing a ridiculous gimmick, spelling his name, his teeth sparkling. Do you people remember that bullshit? ['Yeah'] Well, you know what? Despite the horrible gimmick from the brain surgent in the WWF I befriended Jeff Jarrett. And let me tell you why. Because out of all the politicians and children and egomaniacs in that lockerroom Jeff Jarrett was genuine. But wait a minute. One night Jeff Jarrett decides, he's gonna leave in the middle of the night—I think it was right here in Nashville. And you know what? That piece of shit didn't even tell me about that. So Jeff Jarrett leaves and Vince Russo gets all his heat and Jeff Jarrett goes to jump on the nWo bandwagon.

Well, you know what? Once Vince Russo started getting more and more revolved, all of a sudden the WCW was down, looking up on the WWF and Jeff Jarrett called me on the phone and begged me to get his ass back in the WWF. I got him back in! I go to McMahon, I begged Vince, bring Jeff in. They brought Jeff in and they tried to bury Jeff, but there was his old buddy Vince Russo making sure, that they didn't succeed in burying him. I put a guitar in his hand, we went around smacking 72-year-old women and Jeff Jarrett was on top of the world once again.

And then Russo goes to WCW. And then the week Russo goes to W[C]W, they have a girl beat Jeff Jarrett by the name of Chyna. So what did he do? He calls me and says, Vince, Vince you gotta get me in WCW. Now I got him in WCW and I made—I made Jeff Jarrett the WCW Champion.

['Hogan sucks']

But wait, the story gets better. Thank god—thank the gods above, WCW got sold and I got out of that hellhole. I was done with professional wrestling – but I got a call from my old buddy Jeff Jarrett. Jeff tells me, I'm starting this NWA think, Vince and I wanna make it cutting edge and I need you. As a matter of fact, I gave that moron the name TNA, but TNA didn't mean Total Nonstop Action, you Hendersonville hillybilly. TNA meant tits and ass, d'oh!

['Tits and ass']

Let me tell you what happened. Jeff Jarrett was let by the nose by a lying, denying, diabolical, senile old man piece of shit back there, whose name I won't mention, because if I do I'd firm him right on his very best. But I'll tell you what. Jeff tells me, sit home Vince, I'll call you, when I need ya—I'll call you, when I need you. You know what? I'm sick of waiting for you to call me, so I took it upon myself to show up here tonight.

And this is the way I see it. This product sucks! The WWE sucks. And Vince Russo is here to save the day once again.

But I'll tell you what. Jeff, I still have a sore spot in my heart for you. So I am giving you one and only one opportunity to join me. Because I'm telling you, starting next week there will be a drastic change here. And I'm begging somebody here to try and stop me.

So here it is. Jeff I will be here at the end of the night for your match to help you win again, just like I put that damn title around your waist last week. And after I help you win, I want my answer tonight. Because your either with me, pal, or against me. To steal a line from the boss, Jeff. We can do this the easy way or the hard way and I'm giving you one opportunity to make a choice."
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