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"The very first Asshole Championship Reception"


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"The very first Asshole Championship Reception"
Mr. Anderson: "Ladies and Gentlemen, children, countrymen, I like to welcome to the very first every Asshole Championship Reception! Here's the party. I invited all the boys in the back. Can you believe this? Nobody came. Nobody came. None of the boys came. I didn't come into this business to make friends. I came here to do one thing and one thing only. [Er hält seinen Championship Belt in die Höhe] And quite frankly I don't need anybody in the back. I don't need you people. I really don't. I don't need the fatass sitting at home - yeah, you - sitting at home, your wife's about to leave you; I don't need you either. There are five people that are important to me. Five people! That's all I need. My five-year-old niece, my beautiful, lovely wife and me, myself and I! That's all I need!"

[Gunners Musik ertönt und er gesellt sich zu Anderson in den Ring]

Mr. Anderson: "What's going on, man? Welcome to the party. Welcome, welcome... I didn't invite you, but thanks for showing up anyways. Yeah."

Gunner: "Ken, sorry to ruin your little party with all your friends, but..."

Mr. Anderson: "Oh, they are not my friends."

Gunner: "Do you have short-term memory loss or something? Because I seem to remember someone coming to me a week ago and asking for my help. For me to help take Sting out, to cripple him, to make sure Sting went into that World Title Match at Slammiversary not a hundred percent. Does that ring a bell?"

Mr. Anderson: "Ahhh... maybe a little bit, but I don't know. I don't know if it's accurate completely."

Gunner: "It was you, Ken! You came to me a week ago asking for my help. And you come out here and say you don't need anybody's help? You came to me and I did what you asked. The way I see it, Ken, is you owe me!"

Mr. Anderson: "I owe you?"

Gunner: "Yeah."

Mr. Anderson: "Well, first of all, I do remember that. And... thank you. Thank you, your services are no longer required. I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavours."

Gunner: "You see, I don't think you understand what I'm saying. I'm not out here for a thank-you letter or a love tap. What I'm asking for is a world title shot. That's what I want."

Mr. Anderson: "Really?"

Gunner: "Really."

Mr. Anderson: "Let me ask you this: Is the ink dry yet on your freaking contract? I think that there's a couple, two, three people in the back that probably are in line ahead of you. So take a number, Bob. You know what? I'm kind of thirsty."

[Anderson gießt sich ein Bier ein und schüttet es Gunner anschließend ins Gesicht. Anschließend will er gehen, wird aber von Gunner per Uranage durch den Partytisch befördert]
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