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"I have no loyalty to the World Wrestling Federation!"


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"I have no loyalty to the World Wrestling Federation!"
Jim Ross: "Tonight ladies and gentlemen, before I was so rudely interrupted with a commercial break, weíre gonna conduct this interview right now and in just a couple of moments Iím gonna bring Big Daddy Cool Diesel and Razor Ramon right out here.

But before I do, Iíd like to beg your indulgence for just a minute or so and tell you something that Iíve got on my mind. Thereís something Iíve been wanting to say for a long, long time and when Iím through telling you many of you are going to question my loyalty to the WWF. So letís clear that up right now: I have no loyalty to the World Wrestling Federation! Iíve only got loyalty to good olí J.R. and let me tell you why: In 1993 I left a great job in Atlanta, Georgia. I left the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League to go to the recognized leader of sports-entertainment: the WWF. I came here to be the primary play-by-play man in the WWF. I donít think anybody hereís going to disagree that Iím the best play-by-play man in the whole damn business.

So when I show up for work, the first day, at WrestleMania IX in Las Vegas, Nevada and they give me a sheet to wear. They said, ďOh itís gonna be a toga. Youíll look good in a toga, J.R.Ē I leave the National Football League for a toga, itís crap.

And then ladies and gentlemen I go to the first King of The Ring in Dayton, Ohio. I guarantee ya: you listen to that broadcast, I carried the broadcast from ringside. And then did you ever wonder where good olí J.R. went to? Why isnít J.R. doing play-by-play anymore? Let me tell you why: because the egotistical owner of the World Wrestling Federation, and you know who Iím talking about. Iím talking about Vince McMahon, couldnít stand the competition.

So J.R. disappears. And then on Superbowl Sunday in 1994, I woke up with an affliction called Bells Palsy. And my entire left side of my face looked like Iíd had a stroke. You think I liked that? You think I like that my left eye doesnít open all the way because I got sick? Well let me tell you how warm-hearted Mr McMahon is: Mr McMahon called me in to his office on February the 11th 1994 and he fired my ass!

So I get back in my car and Iím driving to my home in that overpriced hell-hole Connecticut. And Iím trying to figure out how Iím going to tell my wife, and my two little girls that their daddy had just got fired.

So then, remember when McMahon got indicted? They needed somebody to come back and do RAW. They called olí J.R. And then he let me go again! So finally they called me back, hired me back for 50 cents on the dollar to come back and work in the front office. Do you think that all these guys leaving the WWF was an accident? Hell no itís not! You think that all these guys coming here was an accident? Absolutely not. Iíve been very busy. And right now, I wanna bring back one of your favourites. Heís the Bad Guy, Razor Ramon Ö"
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