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"The X-Division doesn't need AJ Styles, it's the Heavyweight Division"


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"The X-Division doesn't need AJ Styles, it's the Heavyweight Division"
Mike Tenay: "Jeff Jarrett, no question it's a big night for you tonight—"

Jeff Jarrett: "Listen Tenay, I came out here tonight to talk about two people. [‘Hogan'] That's one of the people I came out here to talk about. The second man is Sting. And since you're chanting Hulk Hogan, we're getting right to business and talk about the Hulkster. Because everybody is talking about Hulk Hogan, everybody is talking about TNA and everybody is talking about Jeff Jarrett.

Right here, japanese sports newspaper, the question are running around a bit. How did Hulk Hogans surgery go and how long is his rehab gonna take? I wanna know the same thing. Right here, a german magazin, you know, what they wanna know? They wanna know, when Hulk Hogan is gonna make his first ever appearance live in a TNA ring. I wanna know the same thing, too. Down in Mexico Antonio Pena, one of Mexicos most famous promoters, he wants to know, Hulk Hogan versus Jeff Jarrett, if and when that match takes place, if he can host it in a stadium down with seats for over 50.000 people. And finally wrestling fans all around the world a asking one question: When that match takes place will it be for the NWA World Heavyweight Title?"

Mike Tenay: "And you know, there's one other question, that the people have on their minds concerning Jeff Jarrett and Hulk Hogan. Wanna hear, what that question is, Jeff? That question is, you hear—"

[Jarrett entreißt Tenay dessen Mic.]

Jeff Jarrett: "Tenay, I'm sick of your damn attitude. Now get the hell out of my ring. Mike, I'm sick of your smart ass comments, I'm sick of Jimmy Hart, I'm sick of Dusty Rhodes asking that question. Get the hell out of my ring. Mike, I'm not playing around tonight. Get the hell—Mike, I ain't playing. Get the hell out. Now, now. Can you hear me Tenay, now.

[An Don West gerichtet] Well, if you don't get your ass up here, you'll be commentating alone. Get him out of my ring. [Widerwillig verlässt Tenay den Ring.]

Now all to my next victim tonight in the Asylum—"

[AJ Styles Musik unterbricht Jarrett. Dieser wartet im Publikum auf ihn.]

AJ Styles: "Jarrett, hey champ. I'm glad you found me. You see I'm up here with the fans."

Jeff Jarrett: "Yeah, you're one lam[?], AJ redneck. Go ahead and talk."

AJ Styles: "That's right, that's right. With all due respect for Hogan and Sting, you need to be worried about the same guy you were worried about last week: AJ Styles."

Jeff Jarrett: "Well, AJ let me get you little newsflash, ‘cause it is hard to worry about somebody, when their ass gets dragged out the backdoor."

AJ Styles: "That's real funny. That's funny. We need to pick up, where we left off. Rematch. I need my rematch. I'm an impatiente man. So I think I know, when this rematch is gonna take place."

Jeff Jarrett: "AJ, you want to have a rematch, don't ya? You people want him to have a rematch, don't ya? [Lauter Jubel] Well, guess what AJ, you just don't get it, don't ya? You're not the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. You don't have Steiner, you don't have Duggan, you don't have Sting running for ya. You don't have Hulk Hogan, you don't have press all around the world talking about ya. You know why AJ? Because you know it, I know it and the people know it, you just can't compete on my level."

AJ Styles: "Well, let me tell ya, what these people do know. You suck!"

Jeff Jarrett: "Yeah, but I'm not only your champion, I'm their champion."

AJ Styles: "So basicly, what you're saying is, that I can't compete in the Heavyweight Division. These people need me in the Heavyweight Division."

Jeff Jarrett: "No, AJ. I told you last week, I gave you advice and I give you some tonight. Why don't you enter the X-Division Triple Chance Invitational?"

AJ Styles: "I tell you why. Because the X-Division doesn't need AJ Styles, like I said before it's the Heavyweight Division. Someone to knock you off. So as far as competition goes, you were talking about competition? Did I not take you on? Competition is my life. That's, what I do for a living. You know what? Competition starts now."

[AJ stürmt in den Ring und ein Brawl bricht aus.]
- Das deutsche Wrestling-Magazin, welches Jarrett mit sich trug, war eine Ausgabe der Zeitschrift Power Wrestling.
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