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"Today is the birth of Sport Entertainment eXtreme"


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"Today is the birth of Sport Entertainment eXtreme"
Vince Russo: "Kill it, because now it is my turn. Chris [Harris], I don't have a problem with you, I like you and I am here to help you, okay? Let me say my piece, brother.

First I would like to say, if Roddy Piper thinks I'm gonna come down here and trash talk him, so he can sue me for deformation of character he's out of his mind, ‘cause I'm not that stupid. But I will say this, Roddy Piper, you wanna use Owen Hart's name to sell your book? You will go straight to hell, pal.

Now let me tell you people the way, I see thinks. The NWA does not give a shit about you people. The NWA is consisted of senior citizens trying to hang on for their life, because it's over. You got old men back there running this company, who's biggest concerns are whether or not they gonna wet their damn beds tonight.

[‘Russo sucks' – Russo richtet sich an den Ringsprecher Jeremy Borash.]

If you don't stop waving to this people, I'm gonna come down there and stick your foot up your ass. [Borash zeigt Russo den Mittelfinger] Because let me tell you, what this is about and let me tell you people, what you want. You want violence, don't you? [Jubel] You want blood, don't you? [Jubel] You want vulgar language, don't you? [Jubel] You wan't smart, don't you? [Jubel] You wan't nudity, don't you? [Jubel] You want sex, is that right?

Well, that's why today is the birth of Sport Entertainment eXtreme. Spell it out baby. Because for it's—[‘TNA'] As stupid as you people are, I'm gonna give you, what you want and you will appreciate me. As a matter of fact, I hear you people loud and clear. I'm not like the old man sitting back there. I'm gonna give you, what you want.

Every week I come here and I see signs in this crowd, that say ‘Athena', ‘Athena', Athena'. And why is it, that the NWA people say Athena, but they don't give Athena to you people? Why is that? I'm going to give you people Athena. That's you, honey. Come on up. [Athena betritt den Ring.]

Okay, Athena, first I have to ask you, how does it feel seeing these signs every week, these people chanting your name. How does this make you feel? [Athena will antworten.] Well, let me tell you, what I think. These people want you and I'm gonna give them you. [‘Show your tits'] You hear them, Athena. This is called TNA, okay? Tits and Ass. These people want to see your breasts. So honey, whip them out, give it to the people. [Athena weigert sich.] Why? Because you're a little flat gaps? Because you got nothing? Because I've seen bigger tits on Dusty Rhodes? What do you think? You think, you're gonna be a part of this on your looks, you ugly wench bitch?

[Athena verpasst Russo eine Ohrfeige. Dieser packt sie am Haar.]

Do you know, who you are throwing with? Do you know, where I'm from? You little whore. I'm trying to give you a break. Are you out of your mind? Here I am trying to give you a break, you stupid wench. And you know, what—shut your mouth, you ugly witch.

[Athena attackiert Russo und die Harris Brothers trennen die beiden. Die Fans rufen ‚Let her go']

Are you people kidding me or what? I will stick this broads foot so far up her ass, she will sneeze her shoe out. And since you two glorified bouncers are in the ring, what about you two? Is this, what you've become? Office help? Office help, Ron? You've been talking to me for weeks, that you have the balls know to say, what's on your mind. There pal, the floor is yours."

Ron Harris: "You want me to bare it out? You want a dose of reality? Every week since this damn company started my ass has been here since day one. This piece of shit company wouldn't be flying, if it weren't for me and weren't for my brother. And all men sitting in this damn tower every week, thinking he is better than everybody, let me tell you something. You don't come to the office. Every week you made me work a little less for this company. Well, now it's the time. You can't stop me from saying, what I wanna say or doing, what I wanna do. From this point on you can shuffle it up your ass. Because with Vince Russo here, you can't fire me and I will show you, what it's about."

Vince Russo: "Okay, I got one more gift for your people out here tonight in Nashville. Take out that piece of trash, boys. [Die Harris Brothers attackieren Athena.]

Russo, Russo, Russo, Russo, Russo. Come on, Piper. Come on, NWA. Come on."
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