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"They either deserve to be fired or to have their brains beaten in"


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"They either deserve to be fired or to have their brains beaten in"
Josh Mathews: "Excuse me, Randy? Randy, can we get an update on the status of your shoulder, considering you'd be competing tonight and this Sunday in the Fatal Four Way event?"

Randy Orton: "Josh, anything can happen in a Fatal Four Way Match. I think that was just proven out there tonight. But I'm predicting that this Sunday another title will be changing hands. As far as any questions regarding my shoulder, just wait and watch and see what happens tonight when I face Sheamus."

Josh Mathews: "Randy, I've gotta ask, what's your reaction to what took place last week on Monday Night RAW as we went off the air and what transpired here earlier tonight?"

Randy Orton: "You know, Josh, a part of me has got to respect what the NXT group did. If anyone knows about making an impact, about doing something sick and twisted to get noticed, to make a point, it's me. But an even bigger part of me thinks that they're nothing but a bunch of punks. Now, if you ask for my opinion, I think that they either deserve to be fired or they deserve to have their brains beaten in. Considering that Barrett only got fired I think they got off lucky."
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