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"They are all in on it"


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Brother Ray: "We have wrestled these guys a bunch of times before and yes, they are very, very fast."

Brother Devon: "Very fast. But c'mon brother, seriously. Seriously. C'mon, man. Oh, look at who we got here."

Rhino: "Are you guys calm this week?"

Brother Ray: "Oh yeah, we're calm this week."

Rhino: "You know what, I'm not here to thank you for stopping Hernandez from Border Tossing me over the top rope on the concrete floor last week. But I'm here because I finally thought you two start to see the picture. You saw what Hernandez was gonna do to me when you guys were sitting over by the announce table. See, he wasn't satisfied just with beating me, he wanted to end my career. Take me out of TNA for good and take my spot here. Because that's what TNA management want's him to do. And tonight I've got Matt Morgan. Am I the only one that sees a pattern here? Am I?"

Brother Ray: "You know what's insane?"

Rhino: "What?"

Brother Ray: "The fact that you believe all of the garbage that's spewing out of your mouth. Conspiracy theory. We didn't save you from Hernandez! We saved Hernandez from Hernandez. If that kid throws you over the top rope and your brains splatter all over the iMPACT floor, he'll get suspended. That kid is the future of this company. You're paranoid, you're insane."

Rhino: "Oh, I'm paranoid, I'm insane? Conspiracy theory? So I'm crazy? Well, you know, the thing is if I'm so crazy why did you really stop him? I tell you why you guys really stopped him. Deep down in your gut you know I'm right."

Brother Devon: "Rhino, look. Let me stop you. Thank you. Really, thank you. We appreciate your concern, but really don't need any help with the Machine Guns. I mean they have a lot of talent, yes, but seriously we're not concerned about that. They never beat us before, they'll never beat us again. They'll never do anything that we can't handle. You understand?"

Rhino: "You know what? Boys, just keep on thinking like that. But you know what, there's something going on. And you know what? Out there, just watch your backs. Because they are all in on it. They are all in on it!"

Brother Ray: "They are all in on it, they are all in on it. Thanks for the heads up, Lee Harvey. That freaking guy is paranoid!"

Brother Devon: "He's out of his mind. C'mon, let's go."
- Team 3D bereitet sich gerade Backstage auf das anstehende Match gegen die Motor City Machine Guns vor, als Rhino hinzukommt.

- "Lee Harvey" ist eine Anspielung auf Lee Harvey Oswald, den mutmaßlichen Mörder des US Präsidenten John F. Kennedy, um den sich bis heute viele Verschwörungstheorien ranken.
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