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"We've been in TNA longer than you've even owned your Hardy Boyz starter kits"


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"We've been in TNA longer than you've even owned your Hardy Boyz starter kits"
Chris Sabin: "Just what the hell is wrong with you two, Generation Me? You two have more balls than you do brains, because quite simply put, you're not ready for this level. You're not ready to compete on the Machine Gun level. See, in the eyes of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, you two are nothing but children. You're kids trying to compete on a man's level. So tonight, when your mommy leaves you two in bed and you lay there asleep, spooning each other, dry-humping your Sponge Bob Square Pants blanket - you'll be having nightmares about the beating the Motor City Machine Guns will inflict upon you tonight."

Alex Shelley: "Some people say that lately we have a bit of an attitude, a bit of an air about us. And I say to those people: Well, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you if you worked as hard as we have to be the best tag team in the world today, but you can't reach your full potential - because of circumstances completely out of your control.
And Generation Me, I get it. You beat us. And you know what. I'm glad you beat us. Because that makes us work that much harder. But tonight, that ain't gonna be one of those nights. You see, we've been in TNA longer than you've even owned your Hardy Boyz starter kits. Do you know how many Ultimate X matches we've been in? 'Cause we don't. It's too many to count. And there's a lot on the line tonight. Not just bragging rights, not just our rivalry. But a shot at the TNA Tag Team Titles. Something that's eluded us for years. Something that is our destiny. And nothing is gonna keep us from our destiny! Come hell or high wire."
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