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"I'm not here to be part of any clique. Frankly I left that at my other job"


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"I'm not here to be part of any clique. Frankly I left that at my other job"
D-Lo Brown: "You know what, for the better part of a month people have been asking me everytime they see me, D-Lo what are gonna say, when you got live mic in your hand on a live TV about the WWE? They asked me, what secrets are you gonna tell? Who you're gonna shoot on? But you know what, because of the reaction you people gave me, those sons of bitches don't mean a damn to me, so I won't care about them.s

You know what, since 1997 I drove up and down the highways, I wrestled in cities all across this world and I gave 100 percent—150 percent afford every time I got in the ring. And you know, what I got in return? ‘Uhm, D-Lo, we don't think you can get the job done.' Oh oh, I got this one, too. ‘D-Lo, we don't think you are a team player.' Oh and here's the best one: ‘D-Lo, we don't think you're good enough.'

You see three years ago D-Lo Brown was the hottest upcoming superstar in this industry. And then all of a sudden I dissappear with no rhyme or reason. The reason that was given to me: "Oh, D-Lo we don't think you can cut a promo the right way, so why don't you go down to our minor system and teach the young kids how to do it.' So let me get this straight. I can teach them how to get over, but I can't get over. That's absolutly a load of crap.

See, the fact of a matter is I was tired of banging my head against the glas ceiling. I was tired of the backstage politicking. I was damn tired of themselves in front of others just because they can. And I was tired of not playing on a level playing field.

So that brings me to the reason, why I'm here in NWA-TNA. You see, when the phone call came to me, I was promised the playing field would be totally legal—totally level. All things would go here in NWA-TNA. When the phone call came to me, I was told there would be no backstage politicking. I was was told there's nothing more than a bunch of guys busting their ass for the love of this business. So with the playing field being totally level right here tonight live and in living color I make a promise to all the fans here, that D'Lo Brown will be nothing short of a benefit superstar here in NWA-TNA."

[Sonny Siaki erscheint in der Halle und begibt sich zu D'Lo in den Ring.]

Sonny Siaki: "D'Lo Brown? Ace in the Hole, Sonny Siaki. I was in the back and I heard everything you had to say. You wanna become a superstar here in NWA-TNA."

D-Lo Brown: "You're damn right."

Sonny Siaki: "The only way, that's gonna happen is if you join the number one faction in the wrestling world today: S.E.X. - Sports Entertainment Xtreme. I know your past relationship with Vince Russo and I know this is, what Vince would want. So in behalf of Ace in the Hole and everyone part of S.E.X., we wanna invite you to join the elite."

D-Lo Brown: "Ace? Ace—Ace in the Hole?"

Sonny Siaki: "Ace in the Hole, the one and only."

D-Lo Brown: "Well, no disrespect, dog, but I don't know you and you damn sure don't know me. And my past relation with Vince Russo is frankly none of your damn business. Oh, hold on, dog—hold on, dog. Look—Lock—Lock, I don't know if you heard me clearly. I'm not here to be part of any group. I'm not here to be part of any clique. Frankly I left that at my other job. I'm here to be on my own. So altough the offer does sound very good to join S.E.X...."

Sonny Siaki: "S.E.X.!"

D-Lo Brown: "Thanks, but no thanks, dog."

Sonny Siaki: "Fine, no problem. Ace in the Hole respects your decision, but as a big fan let me ask you one question. That angle you were doing in WWE, the racist angle you were doing with Teddy Long—man, I thought that was a work. I thought that was just a character. But the more and more we talk, there more I realize, that you're one stupid..."

[Weiter kommt Siaki nicht, denn Brown schlägt ihn nieder und verpasst ihm anschließend den Lo-Down.]
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