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"I would love to kick your ass just because your name is Vincent"


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"I would love to kick your ass just because your name is Vincent"
Roddy Piper: "Thank you. Heard any good Roddy Piper jokes lately? I know, what they're saying about me. I know from the—You guys know the interviews, all the stuff, you know. They're saying I'm crazy. I'm not crazy, I'm just a little unwell. And I know a lot of you guys can't tell that, but you stick around awhile and you're gonna see a different side of me, man. If you can take one heap of all your winnings and risk it all on turn of pitch-and-toss and lose, and start at your beginnings and never breathe a word about your loss. This is as real as it gets. You wanted reality, you got reality.

I owe my life and my career—I've always prowled the line in wrestling between fantasy and reality for you. I'm as real as it gets. I have fought, I have given a hip. I have fought, in the NWA I started. I was in the NWA in Los Angeles. I was in the NWA in Portland, Oregon. I was in the NWA Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, New York, New York, London, Paris, Africa—Dammit! And I am guilty, I am guilty of making more devastation than everybody in this building, but I won't back down. I stand beside everything I say and I pay the consequences.

I saw the thing on the internet as you did. They only difference is, when I came home—I have four children. My little boy, who got his from his friend, he comes to me and he says, daddy are you a drug addict? And I just got the—son of a—I just got the security call. You know how hard I work for my family, man. You know, how proud I am of my family. I didn't come here to make a stand. Not tonight. I wasn't roughed and pissed of by the NWA. I was taught by 100 fathers, all in different ways. I was taught order. I was taught moral. I grew up with the NWA and I made Wrestlemania. And because of some dumpass shit promotor, [who] puts it on the internet for my family to see, a bunch of garbage, I don't understand—[?]you're a jerk.

What happens—what happens to some guy, that finally goes and takes a stand and kicks and gets fired, and kicks gets fired, and kicks and gets fired, and kicks and—You know what, man? All the doors close. You people, that have children, what happens with your children, when they need something? You know what happens? I come home. I come home to the NWA, that's a rocket ship, that is ready to take off, man. And I wanna be a part of it. I earned it.

[Vince Russo erscheint in der Halle und stellt sich auf das Kommentatorenpult, um Piper von dort zu konfrontieren.]

I'm gonna tell you something real simple now. This is as real as it gets. I'm not playing any games with you. Last time I made another mistake with you. I had you in this corner here, son and I didn't break your neck and kicked the god out of you. And that was my mistake. But I can tell you right now, it would be a wonderfull thing if you would just come here right now, ‘cause I would love to kick your ass just because your name is Vincent. Don't play the game."

Vince Russo: "I'm not here to play a game. Because that's how we solve everything in wrestling world, isn't it? I'll come in there and you'll kick my ass. I'm not in a fight, Piper. I'm here to talk with you about what happened the last time became face to face. You looked me in the eye and you ripped my heart out, bringing up something, that you knew nothing about and you know damn well, what I'm talking about.

You are here tonight, because you burned every bridge, you closed every door.and nobody wants you. And you know what? I don't give a shit about your four children. I hope they starve to death, because I don't want you here either. You wanna jump on the band, the NWA-TNA band wagon I created—a year and a half, my blood, sweat, tears. You think you're gonna walk in here and they are gonna welcome you with open arms? No, because I don't want you here.

And that is why TNA has a decision to make tonight. I'm not waiting tomorrow, I'm not waiting next week, because Roddy, it's either you or me, that's gonna stay here. [‘Piper, Piper, Piper'] But I also tell you this, and Callis I know you're listing in the back: If I go, so does the NWA Champion AJ Styles.

You know something, Piper. I think you need to ask yourself a question. Do you really give a damn about the NWA? Do you really give a damn about anyone of those guys in the back? When this company shuts down, they got no place to go. Do you really care about them, Roddy or is it all about Roddy Piper? Is this another selfish act? Would you see the NWA cripple, so you would have a job? You need to think about that."
- Im Juni des selben Jahres hatte die WWE ihre jüngste Zusammenarbeit mit Roddy Piper, der bis dahin in ein Programm mit Hulk Hogans "Mr. America"-Charakter verwickelt war, beendet. Ein Grund für die Trennung von Piper war wohl ein auf HBO ausgestrahltes Interview, in welchem dieser über die Schattenscheiten des Wrestlings, vor allem dessen Verhältnis zu Drogen, gesprochen hatte. Piper erklärte einige Jahre später, dass einige seiner Aussagen durch die Ausstrahlung HBOs aus ihrem Kontext herausgerissen worden seien.

- Darüber hinaus kam es bei dieser Promo zum ersten On-Air-Aufeinandertreffen zwischen Piper und Vince Russo seit Pipers letztem TNA-Besuch im Dezember 2002. Damals hatte Piper für Gesprächsstoff gesorgt, indem er Russo für den Tod Owen Harts mitverantwortlich gemacht hatte.
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