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"I just realize: you think I'm after your Lucky Charms"


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"I just realize: you think I'm after your Lucky Charms"
Sheamus: "Last week, John Cena asked the question why should he take me seriously? My answer: I put him through a table. At TLC, I don't have to pin John Cena, even though I can, I don't have to submit him even though I can, all I have to do is put him through a table - and I've already done it once. And when I do it at TLC, I will become the new WWE champion! And then Cena, you WILL take me seriously."

[Sheamus' Gegner Santino Marella kommt zum Ring]

Santino Marella: "You must be very focused on your big match with John Cena [ausgesprochen: Tschena] coming up. Because, right now, all you do is talk about John Cena. You didn't even talk about me one time and we have a match right now. I guess you're not so smart person. Are you overlooking me? Why did you not talk about me? Are you angered to me? You're jealyous of me. That has to be it because I have skin pigmentation. It's true. I can enjoy the sunshine, unlike you. No, I just realize: you think I'm after your Lucky Charms. Don't worry, you can have your ceral, but they are magically delicious. Maybe because you know a little bit about Santino Marella and I'm a two time Intercontinental champione. And after TLC you're still gonna have, EHH, zero, nothing. So listen to my advice, lameass..."

[Sheamus schlägt Santino nieder, verprügelt ihn und befördertihn als Höhepunkt durch einen Tisch.]
- "Lucky Charms" ist eine Frühstücksflockenmarke mit einer in den ganzen USA bekannten Werbefigur: Einem irischen Kobold, der jedermann davon abhalten will, seine Lucky Charms an sich zu reißen.
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