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"I gave you folks my word and I kept it"


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"I gave you folks my word and I kept it"
John Cena: "Randy Orton talked a lot about saying one thing but doing another. Randy Orton for so long talked about how the WWE Championship is his life, it's all he existed for, how he would do anything and everything to keep it, and yet last night at the first sign of opposition he literally gave it away. Two weeks ago I gave the WWE Universe a simple promise, I will not quit. I WILL NOT QUIT. And at Breaking Point there were many times when I wanted to give up... my body was wrecked... pain was immeasurable... and every time, every single time I said no I knew that there was more pain, there was more suffering.

But I gave you folks my word and I kept it! I promised and I delivered. Thanks to our guest host tonight, we now have a rematch. HELL IN A CELL. Which means more promises, which means Randy Orton will promise that he never gave up and this win was nothing but a fluke. Randy Orton will promise that in Hell In A Cell he will end my career, Randy Orton will promise that this WWE Championship around my waist is nothing more than a three week rental. Well, I'm getting my promise out there right now. You think you saw punishment at Breaking Point? At Hell In A Cell when that door is closed and locked, I promise you will see a different side of me. I promise you will see a more intense, a more brutal, a more savage side of me. I promise that Randy Orton will be the luckiest man on the earth if he makes it out of that cell in one piece. And I promise that finally THE CHAMP IS HERE!"
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