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"How can your wife and your son respect you?"


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"How can your wife and your son respect you?"
Daniels: "September, 20th at No Surrender, I step into this ring one more time as the challenger for the X-Division championship. But before that all goes down, I have something that I wanna say to Joe face to face. So, Samoa Joe, where ever your at, come out here and let me get something off my chest.

[X-Division Champion Samoa Joe kommt zum Ring und wird vom Publikum mit "You suck!"-Sprechchören begrüßt.]

You know, Joe, I gotta be honest, man. I didn't think if we ever wrestled for that championship again, that it was gonna be under these circumstances. I mean, I remember a time when TNA revolved around the X-Division. And when you talked about the X-Division, you had to talk about three men: Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles. [lauter Jubel] But, you know what? The thing that made that even more special to me was knowing, that the three of us came up together, Joe. We worked all over these United States—we worked all over the world! We travelled together, day in and day out; we became closer than friends, Joe, we became like family. And look at me, look at me. All that work that we put in, it all paid off. Four years ago, in this ring, Unbreakable 2005... [Jubel] Do you remember that night, Joe? These people remember that night. [noch lauterer Jubel] That was the night, that you and AJ challenged me for that championship. The first—and ONLY—time, that that championship was defended in the main event on a TNA pay per view. That was the night, that these people learned, the names Daniels and Styles and Joe were synonymous with wrestling excellence. Hey-hey-hey! And that was the night, that everybody in the world realized that TNA was the future of professional wrestling."

Samoa Joe: "Daniels, I've—uh, I've given you ample time to make a point I care about. So if you'll excuse me, I have things I need to do."

[Joe wendet sich ab, doch Daniels hält ihn zurück.]

Daniels: "Woh-woh-woh! What are you gonna do, huh? What are ya gonna do, Joe? What do you [the fans] think he's gotta do? You gotta go drink some [?] with Booker T? You gotta go do some push-ups with Scott Steiner? Let me clue you in: the Main Event Mafia is scared of you, Joe. When you were World champion, you beat each and every one of those guys—and they know it, and they couldn't handle it. That's why they took Jenna's money. That's why they paid Taz off to convince you to join up with them. And you took their money, and you threw away your friendships, and you threw away your integrity. I don't even know who you are, anymore. The boys in the back—your real friends, guys like AJ—they don't even recognize you, anymore. And worse than all that, how can your wife and your son respect you, knowing that you're a sap? Why don't you go ask Taz? Hey, Taz, what are—"

[Joe attackiert Daniels hinterrücks und wirft ihn mit einem Suplex auf die Matte.]
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