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"A lot of people out there could use your help Stinger, but I'm not one of them"


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"A lot of people out there could use your help Stinger, but I'm not one of them"
Sting: "Mick! Mick, I've been trying to work this out, but I can't get there. So I'm gonna ask you to come out here and explain, if you can."

Mick Foley: "Stinger, I don't blame you for being angry with me. And if you ask for an explanation and dog on it, I'm gonna give you one. And I think, in a few minutes we are gonna be laughing about this, because it's really quite simple: It was... It was a big misunderstanding. Now, I put together a tape. I had Keith Mitchell in the back put together a little video to stray things up. But just before we see this video, I wanna make it clear that I had taken a heck of a beating at the hands of Kurt Angle. Stinger, I've been Angle Slammed right out there by the announcers' desk. My head literally bouncing of the concrete floor. I've been battered from pillow to post, so I may have been in a slightly altered state when I saw the following scene take place. Lets take a look.

[Szenen des Main Events der letzten Woche werden eingespielt, die Foley kommentiert.]

It is Jeff Jarrett. Now he is going for the guitar—remember, I don't know this. I am out. I see nothing. Jarrett welding the guitar—and here is, Sting, here is where things turn for the worst. Because you, Sting, you grabbed the guitar. Now watch when I come around, when I finally come to, it appears to me as if you were threating the life of the founder, Jeff Jarrett. I believe you are going to wind up, I believe you are going to take his life. So an act of—Oooooh—I save the life of the founder, lashing out to protect the man who founded TNA."

Sting: "You think this is funny, Mick? You think it's funny? You think it's some kind of a joke? It wasn't funny last week, when you hit me with that chair. I wasn't laughing then and I'm not laughing now, Mick. Don't you get it, Mick? Last week I was trying to protect you, Mick. That's all I was trying to do.

Mick, let's face it. I understand the physical pain that you're in. Mick, I'm seeing what it's like, the pain on your face, just trying to just get down and get up on a chair. Mick, your body is ravaged. You left the pieces of yourself right here in the middle of the ring. All over the world, Mick. And you did it for these wrestling fans right here. Mick, you didn't just do it for the fans, but you did it for all the boys, all the wrestlers in the back, Mick. You even did it for me. And last week when I tried to protect you, I did it because I respected you, but I'm starting get a little pissed off now. And I'm starting to lose the respect right now."

Mick Foley: "Well, well, well... Well, aren't you the humanitarian, Stinger? Make no mistake about it, times are tough out there. A lot of people are down. Stock markets spiraling out of control. Foreclosures forcing people out of their homes. The job market has never been worse. A lot of people out there could use your help, Stinger, but I'm not one of them. Who the hell are you to pity me?

Now, maybe... now, maybe a couple of weeks ago I could have used that pity. Lets face it, Stinger, it was a sad sight; me sitting there in a director's chair, reliving my glory days, talking about hardcore history one on one—Whoopie! But since last week's Impact, Stinger, things have changed. Because from the moment that steel chair made impact with your skull, the tables of time turned. You can feel it in the air. No one—no one is talking about that other wrestling show in April anymore, Stinger, they're talking about Lockdown. They're talking about you versus me, icon versus legend, which is exactly the way it should be.

But make no mistake about it. When that cage door—when it's slammed shut, and you and I are locked inside the Six Sides of Steel, it won't be some pathetic loser bragging the old days like some drunk in a corn bar talking about the night he copped a feel at the homecoming dance. No, Stinger, you and I, we're not gonna be reliving history, we will be making history.

And as far as those big dives off the cage, Stinger, as far as those big dives—I've still got a couple left. Bang, Bang! Bang, Bang!"

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