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"I hate everything that you stand for"


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"I hate everything that you stand for"
Edge: "I haven't slept in a week. I rode into Houston expecting the biggest win of my life, at the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania. But that win and the World Heavyweight Championship, they were stolen from me. Stolen from me, by my guest tonight, John Cena. [Cena kommt unter dem Jubel der Fans in den Ring.] Have a seat, Cena."

John Cena: "Just 'cause I didn’t get a chance on Monday, let me get this out of the way first: the Champ is HERE!"

Edge: "I said, have a seat. [Cena setzt sich auf den Stuhl.] I know there is thousands of people here, and I know you come out here and you pander to all of them for some kind of reaction." [Cena! Cena! Cena!]

John Cena: "There’s thousands of very loud people here tonight."

Edge: "You, you just love that, dont you, but guess what? I don't care about them. See, I wanted you out here tonight, because I wanted to talk to you. Because that, that right there on your shoulder, that World Heavyweight Championship, that is my life. If I lost that ... see that's my life preserver. That's what keeps my heart beating. The wins, the losses, the blood, the sweat, the tears, the problems with my wife - I can handle all of that, as long as I have that [zeigt auf Cenas Title]. And John, you stole that from me. [Cena steht entgeistert auf.] Sit down! [Cena setzt sich wieder.]"

John Cena: "Really? That's it? That's your problem? That I, that I stole this from you at Wrestlemania? Get over yourself, Edge. You lost at Wrestlemania [steht auf und will gehen]."

Edge: "You ruined my life!"

John Cena: "Ah what? I ruined your life? How the, how the hell did you think this is gonna end up? Ok, you know what? You just brought me out here and said you wanted to talk to me. Alright [nimmt seinen Stuhl und setzt sich Edge direkt gegenüber]. How many years we've been doing this, Edge? How many years we've been chasing each other's tail? How many cities? How many times we fought over this championship? We've had wifes, girlfriends, managers, lackeys, my dad, your hometown, my hometown, Elimination Chambers, tables, ladders, chairs, briefcases, history, championships. Actually, I even think I threw you in the Long Island Sound once, I'm very sorry about that. Of course we had video surveillance and Wrestlemania.

And through all that, through all the years, through all the matches, the reason - the reason they all loved this, whether they were chearing for you or they were chearing for me, is because they know that every time - these people know that every time one of us does something to the other one, we'll make a point to raise the bar and try to go the extra mile.
Tonight you had the oppurtunity to have me on your show and tell the WWE Universe about what is quite possibly the greatest rivalry in Sports Entertainment's history. And you chose this time, to tell me, that I stole this from you? And that I ruined your life?

Well then, if that's all you gotta say. and we're done here, you're just waisting my time. [Cena steht auf und geht.]"

Edge: "I hate you. I hate you. Hate, hate is a strong word, but it sums up everything I feel for you, Cena. I hate your hat, I hate your T-Shirts, I hate your wristbands, I hate your shoes, I hate your music, I hate the Ce-nation, I hate everything that you stand for! And John, whether you want to admit it or not, this, all the years between you and I, it's exhausted you as much as it has me. This can't go on any longer. It has shortened both of our carriers. And at Backlash, this is finally going to end. One of us will beat the other so badly that they can't get back up. And make no mistake about that, at the end of that match, the one who is gonna be left standing [steht auf] is me."

John Cena: "NO! [Cena! Cena! Cena!] You, you may be the better wrestler than me, you may be smarter than me, you may know how to use your oppurtunities and ressources to get you a championship, but I look into your eyes right now and I know your desperate. You're grabbin' at straws, you're tired, you're exhausted! Last man standing? A Last Man Standing Match?! Edge, that is a match based on punishment. And I can look in your eyes - and you know I'm telling the damn truth, when I tell you, I'm tougher than you!

That's why I will be the last man standing! That is why you hate me! It's not the hat, it's not the wristbands, it's not the T-Shirts, it's not the dog tags - it's the truth! [Cena zieht die Sachen, die er aufzählt, au.s] Because you think about all those matches we've had, you think about every time we beat the hell out of each other, every time you fire back and hit me with everything you had - and then watched me get back up!
You hate me, you hate me so bad and it's gotta to come to an end? You wanna end it?! End it right now! Come on! Clinch your fist and hit me in the face and see what happens - I will unleash hell on you! Come On! Right now!"

[Edge zieht sein Shirt aus und macht sich bereit Cena zu schlagen, dann überlegt er es sich anders und läuft mit gesenkten Kopf unter "You suck" Rufen aus dem Ring]
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