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"Christian Cage will fulfill his destiny"


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"Christian Cage will fulfill his destiny"
Christian Cage: "So I guess you can imagine the question I got asked the most this week. ‘Are the rumors we're hearing true? Is it true you're going to TNA? And if so, why?’ Well I'll tell you this much, I'll tell you this much, I didn't come out here to see the same damn guy say the same damn thing week after week after week. And I didn't come here to see a grown man, dressed like a doctor, pulling things out of another man's ass. And you can be damn sure I didn't come here because I got fired.

Which brings me to another rumor I wanna address and put to bed right now, the rumor that I got lowballed in a contract offer. Well that's not true at all. See I was offered a very hefty sum to stay exactly where I was. But the reason I came to TNA is the same reason why each and every one of you is in this arena right now, the same reason why everyone's watching Genesis live on Pay-Per-View. And that reason is that I love wrestling!

Now you know, I've been known to crack a joke or two, say something sarcastic, pull a rib. But I don't want anybody to ever forget the fact that I am, without a doubt, the best all around performer in this sport today. It's like this. I'm tired of egos and politics. I wanna see guys in this ring busting their asses. I wanna see wrestling reinvented.

Like last night, I turn on SpikeTV, I'm watching Impact-a little plug for you - and it reminded me of when I broke onto the national wrestling scene 8 years ago. There were two companies. One was old, stale, and lacking direction. The other one I was a part of. It was young, hungry, and cutting edge. Fast forward 8 years to this very moment, and there's still two companies. One is old, boring, and lacking direction. And the other one is TNA!

And I said this is something that I wanna be a part of. In fact, I wanna be the biggest piece of this puzzle. Which brings me to Jeff Jarrett. I've got two things to say to you. One - you should never wear white pants after Labor Day. And two -I 've come to TNA to take the one thing that's eluded me my entire career. The one thing we can both agree on is the most important and prized possession in this sport, the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

So I want everyone right now to stand up and take notice that Christian Cage is here. And Christian Cage will fulfill his destiny. Because that' I roll!"
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