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"Sting, he's running scared and I'm the new face of TNA"


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"Sting, he's running scared and I'm the new face of TNA"
Jeff Jarrett: "You're looking at the cast of characters, who accomplished what needed to be accomplished at Destination X: Sting is gone again! But this time it's a little different. You know after Final Resolution Stinger left on his own terms, but after Destination X he left on my terms.

So right now I wanna introduce to you a very close personal friend of mine, the final piece of the puzzle, the Big Bad Booty Daddy, Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner."

[Scott Steiner betritt die Halle und reiht sich in Reihen von Planet Jarrett ein.]

Scott Steiner: "So this is TNA? You see, I've been watching TNA for a long time and I've been watching, what TNA management has been doing. I've been watching, who they've been hiring, but you know what, they never called me.

I watched them hire guys like Rhino. Rhino... [Steiner spuckt auf den Boden] That's what I think of Rhino. Then I watched them hire two fat, out of shape backyard wrestlers, who call themselves Team 3D. So listen here you two fat rollie pollies. This is what a champion looks like and if I looked as bad as you guys did, I would have stayed in the backyard.

And then they hire some guys from Canada called Christian. Christian let me give some little reality check. You see that vain in that arm right there, boy? That vain right there is as big as your arm and that arm is as big as your leg. And remember this, you are only one bitchslap away to become an ex-champion.

But the last guy, that they hired... The last man, that TNA management got... That freaked me out, disco viberated my brain and set me into freak mode. Here the company finally got Sting.

So when they hired Sting, they rolled out the red carbet, they wined that guy Sting and said, that he was gonna be the new face of TNA. Well, as I am here in this ring tonight, I ask you two questions: Where is the new face of TNA? And where is Sting? Well Sting, he's running scared and I'm the new face of TNA!

You see I found out why TNA management wasn't calling me. Because they heard I had a bad attitude, that I resented authority and that I got a bad problem with people. Well, that's right. I've been arrested. I've been in jail. I've been putting locked down. And I apologise for nothing!

Right here, the new day of TNA. We are the new face of TNA. And wherever Jeff Jarrett goes, I'll go. You got a problem with Jeff Jarrett, you got a problem with me, the Big Bad Booty Daddy."
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