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"Join the swarm"


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"Join the swarm"
[betreten einen Raum mit der Aufschrift "Notice. Keep This Door Closed"]

Paul London: "Don't worry about it."

Bryan Danielson: "Yeah."

London: "Joey Ryan, Scott Lost, you guys should be worried. I'm not a dummy. Sure, I might be the intrepid traveler, I might be fearless, but I'm no fool. I like to run with a partner. May 22nd, PWG Tag Team Tournament..."

Danielson: "My birthday!"

London: "His birthday. Bring cake, German chocolate. You know, earlier today I was at the beach. True story, I was in the sand, looking out in the ocean, thinking about life, contemplating this or that. I've eaten a slice of pizza, I regret. And I saw some seagulls flying above, dive bombing for fish. I saw some seals flying around, flying in the water. And I saw some dolphins, swimming together in a pod. And I realized, I need a pod. Two-person pod. Say hello to my pod partner."

Danielson: "Hello." [Danielson bricht danach immer mal wieder in lautlosen Lachkrämpfen aus.]

London: "Hello. That was good. What we'd also like to tell you is that May 22nd, PWG Tag Team Tournament, Bryan Danielson, the American Dragon, the American Dolphin and Paul London, the Dolphin Master, we are innovative. And we want something new from the fans of PWG. Because all the time, what do they do, every match?"

Danielson: "Oh, yeah, every time that we wrestle, they go out there and they clap. It's like this. [London und Danielson klatschen temposteigernd.] And that's great. That's great. Don't think we don't appreciate it."

London: "It's awesome."

Danielson: "But, with Paul London and Bryan Danielson, there's a bit of a buzz going around."

London: "Buzz."

Danielson: "What we'd like you people to do, is join the swarm."

London: "Join it."

Danielson: "So don't clap for us."

London: "Don't clap."

Danielson: "We don't need to be clapped for. What we want is buzz." [London und Danielson fangen an zu surren und summen.]

London: "I know you can do it, I know you're capable of it. Let go of fear. Let go of insecurity and join the swarm."

Danielson: "Yes, adults, everybody, join the swarm." [Surren weiter.]

London: "'Cause we're going to sting the hell out of you, Joey Ryan, Scott Lost. You're gonna get stung, by the swarm."

Danielson: "Just like the dolphin with stinger..." [Lachkrampf.]

London: "Well, it totally would. It's a hybrid dolphin. And it comes from the Island of Dr. Moreau. Do you understand?"

Danielson: "This is crazy. No. No, I don't understand."

London: "You need to understand, Bryan! You need to understand, man, because when we're a pod, the PWG pod... Join the pod or the swarm. Take your pick. Join 'em both."
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