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"Santino Marella is the champion of planet earth"


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"Santino Marella is the champion of planet earth"
Santino Marella: "It is really great to be here - as a parte of SmackDown's All-Star-Kickoff. And in case you've been hiding under JR's hat for the last year and a half: I'm Santino Marella - dee Intercontinental Champion and de most feared man in the WWE. Now in case you may doubt these words, I have some numbers to back dem up: Put up da Honk-A-Meter.

You see, de Honky Tonky Man was Intercontinental Champion for a record 64 weeks. I, Santino Marella, have been Intercontinental Champion for 6.71 weeks. And according to my matematics, dat's 57.29 weeks till I'm de greatest Intercontinental Champion of all de times.

And tonight, I am going to defeat de Goldylocks, Shelton Benjamin. You see, de Goldylocks is merely champion of one country, the Nited States. Santino Marella is the champion of all de landmasses that protrude above the sea level - also known as continents. Which means Santino Marella is the champion of PLANET EARTH!"
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