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"It's like the United Nations in here"


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Vickie Guerrero: "Ladies and Gentlemen. [Buhrufe] Excuse me! Welcome to the official contract signing of the WWE championship at Survivor Series. Let it be known that, that Jeff Hardy does what he promised me and takes out the Undertaker tonight, then he may have a chance of the championship match. But for right now, this match is between two of our top WWE superstars. I mean, this match is gonna be so colossal, it is only worthy to be on my show, Smackdown. Now, if you will, I would like to introduce to you the challenger. Excuse me. He is one of the most dangerous man in the WWE. He is the undefeated Moscow Mauler, Vladimir Kozlov. [Kozlovs Musik ertönt und der Russe schreitet in den Ring.] His opponent and champion, he is a twelve time world champion, he is the Cerebral Assassin. He is King of Kings. He is The Game. Triple H!" [Hunters Musik ertönt und der Champion begibt sich in den Ring.]

Triple H: "Let me start off by saying, being in this ring right now is kind of special to me. It's kind of almost, it's like the United Nations in here. You got a representative from Russia. [deutet auf Kozlov] Representative from Mexico. [deutet auf Chavo Guerrero, wendet sich dann an Vickie Guerrero] And a representative from Fatlavia. Sorry, I'm sorry. I'm just kidding. She's from Bulge-garia."

Vickie: "Can we get back to business? Excuse me!"

HHH: "No, no. I'm just kidding. Really. She's from Chunkyslovakia... I'm sorry. Go ahead, get to business."

Vickie: "Excuse me! Can we get back to business? Gentlemen, have a seat. Please have a seat."

HHH: "After you, disco commie." [Beide setzen sich dann an den Tisch.]

Vickie: "Now gentlemen, as you can see, there is the contract for the WWE championship for Survivor Series. Now, Mr. Kozlov, since you're challenger, you may sign first."

Vladimir Kozlov: [unterschreibt den Vertrag und richtet danach wütende Worte in russisch an Triple H]

HHH: "Anybody picked that up? Anyone? Anyone? Vladimir, 15.000 people in this arena, not one person understood a damn word you said. So let me just say that I think..."

Kozlov: "Shut up! And listen to me very careful..."

HHH: "No, here's the thing. You listen to me. You can sit there with that bad look on your face, giving me the big soviet union eyes. But I know the real story. You see, for me, this isn't my first barbecue. I've been on the world wide stage before, I've mainevented a pay-per-view with the WWE championship on the line before. But you, you never have, have ya? So right about now, those nerves are boiling up inside of you, aren't they? They're getting to a point..." [Plötzlich erscheint Jeff Hardy auf einem Turnbuckle, der dann Kozlov mit einer Flying Clothesline durch den Tisch befördert. Anschließend zerreisst Hardy den Vertrag und schmeisst die Fetzen in HHHs Gesicht und verschwindet aus dem Ring.]
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