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"Did you notice the size of your nose?"


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"Did you notice the size of your nose?"
Triple H: "It's been a while since we done this. We forgot we had pyro. Anyway, are you ready? No Tampa, I said, ARE YOU READY? Then ..."

Shawn Michaels: "You know what? I'm, I'm not ready. Not ready. I can't do this. Look. I was watching ECW last week. Miz and Morrison they were mocking us. And it was pretty harsh. I think you gonna want to see this. Pretty stiff. [Ein Video-Package über das letztwöchige Dirt Sheet auf ECW wird eingespielt, in welchem Miz und Morrison zwei Doubles von Michaels und Triple H vermöbelten. Anschließend starren sich HBK und HHH mit offenen Mündern an] That could've been us! Do you realize that? That could've been us. I mean think about the genius of that. They dress up two guys to look just like us. Ok? And than they went out there and beat the tar out of them. That's revolutionary, that's innovative. I mean that hasn't been done since ... you know, like ... last week."

HHH: "Actually no, somebody did it in section four."

HBK: "Good point, good point, but I think, I think what we need to focus on more than anything else ... Did you notice the size of your nose? I mean, I never really stepped back and noticing, we've known each other for so long, I probably just gotten used to it. But that thing is gigantic."

HHH: "It's, it's ah ... not really that big. The camera, it adds ten pounds."

HBK: "How many cameras did they have on that thing? Besides, the part that really sends me over the edge, they did the unforgivable. They mocked the chaps, brother. I got news for ya. I put up with a lot. You can mock my kids, you can punch my wife in the face. But I got news for ya. Nobody but nobody mocks the chaps. That's where I draw the line."

HHH: "Mocking the chaps is crossing the line. [HBK nimmt seinen Cowboyhut vom Kopf] But I tell you what. Right now, the part that really made me mad is when they started to get on you losing your hair. There's no reason to go after you for going bald."

HBK: "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. [setzt seinen Hut wieder auf] I don't, I don't recall them saying anything about ... you know, that situation."

HHH: "I'm pretty sure they did."

HBK: "No. I was standing right here with you watching. They ..."

HHH: "I just assumed."

HBK: "I don't think so."

HHH: "But I mean it's obvious."

HBK: "We'll never speak of this again!"

HHH: "Anyway, I think we can get through this, Shawn. The thing is, those guys said they were in high school when we got started."

HBK: "Stings a little bit. Stings."

HHH: "When we were out here, revolutionizing this industry, they were, they were ... well, let's take a look." [Ein High-School-Foto von The Miz wird eingeblendet]

HBK: "Whua!"

HHH: "Now that is The Miz in high school, that's his senior class picture and don't let him belittle himself. The Miz is quite an athlete. This is right after he took second in the Kentucky Derby."

HBK: [imitiert Pferde-Geräusche]

HHH: "No offense, Lilian. And, Morrison. [Ein Jugendfoto von Morrison in Kapuzenpulli und gebückter Haltung wird eingeblendet] Now here's John Morrison. Assuming a position that he would assume for years to come at rest stops all around the country. Those two guys to me Shawn, look like guys that got beat up every day in high school. And I tell you what. Tonight is gonna be no different. So Shawn, I ask you one more time. Are you ready?"


HHH: [wendet sich ans Publikum] "Are you ready? [Jubel] Miz, are you ready?" [Ein Video mit Miz und dem übergewichtigen Stripper Big Dick Johnson von No Mercy 2006 wird eingespielt]

HBK: "I don't feel so well now."

HHH: "Then, for the thousands in attendance, for the millions watching around the world, and for Miz and Morrison. Because they have a dream. No, not to stand in the ring with D-Generation X, no. They have a dream that they one day will be able to enjoy the same rights and privileges as any other couple in the United States. The right to be able to marry and start their own family. With that in mind, for Miz and Morrison, ... Let's get ready to Suck It!"

HBK: "And if you're not down with that ..." [Die Musik von Miz und Morrison unterbricht Shawn Michaels und die Gegner kommen zum Match in den Ring]
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