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"I'm not an idiot - You know that I'm a genius"


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"I'm not an idiot - You know that I'm a genius"
Kevin Nash: "You know, this new generation of guys around here - Unconscious Creed, AJ, Samoa Joe - they're either the most arrogant or they're probably some of the stupidest son of a *** I have ever met. I mean: If Joe couldn't see what was coming at Bound For Glory, I guess he didn't remember running his mouth about Scott Hall ten months ago. You know, the thing is: If it's the only thing that is stupider than those two sons of a *** it's the people sitting in this place right here. They're sittin' back here right now still cheering for me. It's gotta be hard, ya know?

I've always wondered... I bet that you wondered what it's like to be Kevin Nash. You know when I was a little boy, I was told a little story about David and Goliath. And Goliath was this monster and David decided that he could beat him, he was this little tiny dude. Jack and the Beanstalk: Once again, the giant's this big dumb ogre, Jack outsmarts him. You see, the reason why all you *** have always had disdain for me is because . I'm the most intelligent man this business has ever produced.

And the other thing that kills you is both you and you who are stupid enough to bring your wives - that's right: Right now, they're wondering what it would be like to spend the night with me. What would it be like to be thrown around by that big seven-foot monster? Oh yeah. Oh yeah, and you know, you KNOW that you don't measure up. I'm the greatest that's ever been in this ring. And the biggest problem you guys got is all of you together - if you pulled your money - you wouldn't have as much as I spend in a strip joint in a month. You don't have to like it, but you better learn to love it - cause I'm the best thing going today."
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