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"One way or another, I am gonna bring respect back into this business"


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"One way or another, I am gonna bring respect back into this business"
Sting: "A few months ago I had a long and in-depth interview with Mike Tenay where we talked about a lot of things and one of them my retiring from pro wrestling as we know it today. In the days that followed this interview, I was seriously considering walking away from it for good - but I had this nagging question that wouldn't go away: What would happen if I turned the future of this business into the hands of the next generation - and I knew that would be a grave mistake. I knew the answer to that question but I didn't wanna face it because I couldn't face it. Because I couldn't face the potential end of TNA as we know it today. And the idea that we would leave this company - the future of wrestling - in their hands I knew would be a grave mistake. Why? Because I knew that they would do nothing but spit in the face of it - just the way they spit in my face.

You take Samoa Joe for example. Joe, at Victory Road you had your opponent beat - 1-2-3. All you had to do was take the 1-2-3 an walk away. But no, you wanted to take it to the next step. Joe, you wanted to bloody your opponent - a jewel in wrestling. Whether you like him, hate him, love him, agree with him or disagree with him: Booker T is a legend in this business, Joe. But you wanted to disrespect a legend and that's why I involved myself in your match, Joe. And Joe, I did it because I wanted to help you. I wanted to reason with you. I wanted to try to help you because I looked at you as somebody that could carry the torch into the future for this company. That's why I came, Joe.

But you rejected everything I had to say, you opposed everything that I had to say and you flipped me off, Joe. Is that the way you show respect for somebody that paved the way for you to even have a job in this business, Joe? When I was your age, a young Ric Flair toom me under his wing because he believed in me the same way I believed in you, Joe. He wanted to help me, Joe, and I respected what he had to say, that's the difference between you and me. And everyone in his generation I respected because I know without them paving the way I couldn't be a wrestler.

And then you got AJ Styles. A young kid who one day was calling me Mr. Sting - and the next calling me a coward. And then AJ, you're having the audacity to tell me that I owe you something. AJ, I don't owe you anything. I don't owe anybody anything. As a matter of fact, if somebody owes something, it's you. You owe me, cause once again, I paved the way for you to be a wrestler. You should be thanking me, AJ, every single month you pay that check to pay your mortgage. You should be thanking me for giving you a chance to be a pro wrestler.

Oh but no, I guess I'm supposed to be thanking you. I'm supposed to pay hommage to your generation. Well you know what? Where I come from, it doesn't work that way. You know what? There are a whole bunch of you guys in the back. I am not talking to every single one of you young guys, but I'm talking to most of you. You're a bunch of spoiled rotten brats. One way or another, I am gonna bring respect back into this business where it belongs. If I gotta be the parent that nobody wants to listen to, if I gotta be the babysitter, THEN SO BE IT. If you think I'm wrong then come and tell me to my face."

[Die Musik von AJ Styles ertönt und er kommt zum Ring]

AJ Styles: "You're wrong. You're dead wrong. I look up to you. I idolized you. And I never ever disrespected you. Ever. And you know it. You paved the way for me? Who helped getting this company started?"

Sting: "AJ, I wanted to help you too, because I looked at you just like the way I looked at Joe as being the future of this business. That's why I involved myself at Hard Justice. Hey, hey: That's right, AJ. You know what? You cannot respect somebody and call him a coward all in one breath. AJ, you can't respect somebody and say: You owe me something. Let's talk about Hard Justice, AJ: What did you do to your opponent? You - just like Joe - took it one step further. You could've just gotten away with the 1-2-3 and walked away from it, AJ. That's what you should have done. But you know something? Kurt Angle is a World Champion at WWE, he's a World Champion here, he's done something - for crying out loud - Kurt Angle has done something that none of us have done. He's an Olympic Gold Medalist. You don't see Michael Phelps spitting in Mark Spitz' face, do you? It doesn't happen like that.

So AJ, I can tell, you disagree with what I'm saying. You're having a problem with my tone, aren't ya? You know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna do you a favor. I'm gonna take my bat, I'm gonna put it in your hand and then I'm gonna turn my back and then I'm gonna let you take it to me. I'll let you hit me right over the head, AJ. That's what I'm gonna do. Go ahead AJ [reicht ihm den Schläger], go ahead. I want you to take it. Take it in your hand, I'm gonna turn my back. [AJ nimmt den Schläger] Drop the microphone so you can put both hands on the sucker and wipe me away, AJ. [Sting dreht AJ den Rücken zu] Come on, AJ. Go ahead, AJ. Yeah, the same way, that's right, AJ. Go ahead. [Sting schubst AJ] GO AHEAD AJ, HIT ME OVER THE HEAD WITH IT. Comeon, some of them are asking you to do it, go ahead. Go ahead and do it, AJ." [AJ dreht Sting zu sich, holt aus, aber Sting weicht aus und kontert mit dem Scorpion Death Drop]

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