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"Oh Baby, I DO mean it"


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Edge: "I wanted to come out here...I wanted to apologize publicly to my wife, Vicktoria. Vickie, my Vickie, my baby Vickie. I didn't wanna just apologize in public. I wanna to apologize face to face. In public face to face so, Vickie, Vickie please come out here."

[Kamera schwenkt zur Rampe, doch Vickie kommt nicht.]

Edge: "Vickie come on. Come on. Please come on out."

[Nach kurzer Zeit tauchen Vickie, Chavo und Bam Neely auf der Eingangsrampe auf und kommen etwas zögernd zum Ring. Edge kniet vor Vickie nieder.]

Edge: "Vickie please. Hear me out, ok? I know...I know, that what I did was horrible. I was really really horrible. I know that. I understand. I understand if you can't find it in your heart to forgive me, but please just hear me out, ok. What that video.. what it didn't show, was how many times I tried to say 'no'. But Vickie, she was so aggressive. She just kept coming on to me. She wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. 'No' means 'No' but she wouldn't listen. And listen – I know... I know the question that's running though your head. It's...ok 'Well, why didn't I just leave?' 'Why didn't I leave?' Right? Ok. But. This is what was going though my mind. I wanted to hammer out...eeh I wanted to iron out the wedding plans. I wanted to make sure that everything went perfect. I knew how important the wedding was to you... and to me... and to me. And I wanted to make sure, that the day – that our day - went without a hitch. That everything was perfect, because nothing means more to me than your happiness. Nothing means more to me than your love. And Vickie I won't live without your love. I CAN'T. I can't live without your love."

Vickie Guerrero: [wirkt erleichtert] "Well Baby. I mean... I understand. I do understand" [Die Beiden umarmen sich. Vickie lächelt nach der Umarmung... und dreht sich plötzlich weg.] "But you need to understand that hell hath no fury over a woman scorned. And when I was really, really, really mad at you, I did something that you might not like..."

Edge: [sichtlich nachdenklich] "Ok, ok. I understand that...I understand. ...I understand. What... What... What did you do?"

Vickie Guerrero: "I reinstated The Undertaker" [Das Publikum rastet aus. Edge ist zunächst sprachlos, beginnt dann zwischen "UNDERTAKER"-Chants des Publikums zu stammeln.]

Edge: "Ok. Ok. Ok. Alright. You're a businesswoman. This is a business. That's good business. And... oh boy... Besides – We can go on a honeymoon. We can go on a honeymoon. And then The Undertaker and Triple H... The Undertaker and Triple H...they can destroy each other. We'll come back from the Honeymoon. I'll pick the bones. And who ever wins - I take back my WWE Championship."

Vickie Guerrero: "Well. That sounds great at all. But, Baby. I've already scheduled an opponent to face The Undertaker at Summerslam."

Edge: [scheint eine Vorahnung zu haben] "OK...eeh who?"

Vickie Guerrero: [mit sehr finsterem Blick] "YOU!"

[Edge läuft nervös durch den Ring – schlägt ungläubig das Micro gegen den Kopf und kniet schließlich wieder vor Vickie nieder.]

Edge: "Baby. You can't mean that. You don't mean that. You can't mean that, right?"

Vickie Guerrero: "Oh Baby. I DO mean it. And it will be..." [grinst breit] "HELL IN A CELL!"

[Mit einer diabolisch lachenden Vickie, einem geschockt am Boden hockenden Edge und lautstarken "Undertaker"-Chants geht Smackdown! vom Sender.]
-In der Vorwoche hatte Triple H ein Video einspielen lassen, das zeigt, wie Edge und die Hochzeitsplanerin Alicia Fox sich während den letzten Planungen küssen.
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