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"I will be gracious to carry the bag of the world's strongest champion"


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"I will be gracious to carry the bag of the world's strongest champion"
[Tazz steht mit Mark Henry und dessen Manager Tony Atlas im Ring]

Tazz: "Okay, Mark, this Sunday at the Great American Bash, you will be defending the ECW championship against Tommy Dreamer. Now, we saw what happened last week moments ago and I understand both of you men wanted to come out here and answer the question that's on everybody's mind: Why?"

Tony Atlas: "Well, Tazz, if you can remember, Mark Henry told me that if I wanted to make a payday, I would have to carry his bag. Now I wouldn't just carry anybody's bag. I mean, I'm Tony Atlas! I'm a legend! I'm a hall of famer! [Buhrufe] BUT I will be gracious to carry the bag of the WORLD'S STRONGEST CHAMPION MARK HENRY. [Lautere Buhrufe] And just to prove that [he's] the world's strongest champion, Mark Henry... we have another demonstration for you all. Where's the young man I was talking to earlier today, where's he at?"

[Ein Helfer bringt Atlas ein paar Pfannen.]

Tony Atlas: "Now, you all know what this is? This is a good old fashioned frying pan. This comes straight, just like the one you got at home, just like your mother's got at home, just like what she cooks with every day. This came straight from the store today, so it hadn't been tampered with. [Er klopft auf die Pfanne zum Beweis.] You don't believe me, don't you? Henry, hit 'em on the turnbuckle, will ya?"

[Mark Henry hämmert mit der Pfanne kurz auf die Ringecke zum Beweis, dass die Pfanne nicht aus Aluminium ist.]

Tony Atlas: "Stand up, believe me! Now, I would like for somebody who think[s] they're strong to come out here and try to bend this."

[Ein "Fan" aus dem Publikum wird in den Ring gebeten.]

Tony Atlas: "Yeah, you young man, come on in here! Come on, young man! What's your name?"
Fan: "Chad Coplin."

Tony Atlas: "Chad. Where you from?"
Chad: "Lexington, North Carolina."

Tony Atlas: "Never heard of it... Well, I'll tell you what. Feel this and let all the people know that this is a real pan."
Chad: [Drückt ein wenig an der Pfanne herum.] "Yes, sir! Yes, sir, it is!"

Tony Atlas: [Befühlt den Bizeps des jungen Mannes.] "You pretty strong, ain't you?"
Chad: "No, sir! [Chad lacht über den eigenen Witz, doch hat Glück, denn das Publikum lacht mit.] Yes, sir! Yes, sir!"

Tony Atlas: "Gotta believe in yourself, son!"
Chad: "Yes, sir!"

Tony Atlas: "Let me see, let me see you bend this. Just grab it like that, hold up and bent it!"

[Chad versucht sein Bestes, schafft es jedoch nicht, die Pfanne zu verbiegen.]

Tony Atlas: "Okay, that's enough! Now get on back to the seat where you come from! Thank you! ... Man, now I said that I wouldn't carry the bag of just anybody. But, you tell me, could just anybody do THIS?"

[Atlas reicht Henry die Pfanne, der sie nimmt und wie einen Burrito zusammenrollt.]

Tony Atlas: "WOW, LOOK AT THAT! LOOK AT THAT! LOOK AT THAT! HA? Now you know, not just anybody could do that."
Tazz: "It's unbelievable, man!"

Tony Atlas: "The only person that could do that is the world's strongest champion, Mark Henry. And I will carry his bag-"

[Die Musik von Tommy Dreamer unterbricht ihn mitten im Satz.]

Tommy Dreamer: "Wowowo, Mark, take it easy! Take it easy! I'm not out here to fight you. I'm gonna save that for Sunday and I'm gonna take THAT ECW championship! [Jubel] I wanted to come out here and say that was damn impressive what you just did. And I'm not trying to brag, but I've been training really, really hard for this match and I've been workin' out and I wanna see if I can give it a shot."

[Henry und Atlas lachen sich kaputt, doch nehmen die Herausforderung an. Henry übergibt Dreamer eine Pfanne. Dreamer versucht sie zu verbiegen, schafft es jedoch nicht. Macht aber nichts, denkt er sich, und schlägt den arrogant feiernden Henry mit der Pfanne nieder.]
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