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"You're the dinosaur now, man"


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"You're the dinosaur now, man"
Roddy Piper: "You look great! This is a new millenium and my name now is Rowdy Roddy Piper dot com.

You know I've been going all around America the last 30 days. I asked the NWA, nobody knew I was coming. I asked them to come down, ‘Let me speak for a moment, 'cause there is something going on, man.’ You got a guy named Vince Russo. I saw Vince Russo. I've been watching the Pay per View, because right here in the NWA is the last place, that Russo has not killed.

Let me give you a little idea, what kind of guy Russo was. When Russo came about, he was just a little kind of hump of thing. And as he grew up, he grew up into a 300 pound hump of thing. When Russo sits down the toilett, his oblege(?) would drag on the ground. As he watched professional wrestling and dreamed to become a wrestler, but he couldn't, he failed, he tried, so he decided to make it sports-entertainment. And you got all the things, that you want, exept one: Talent! You have no talent!
He came here, he was all in white. That's called a wolf in cheap clothing. You've got men back there, young men, that dare to dream, that have a future. And then this guy will deliberatly kill these boys dreams and I heard him say ‘I beg someone to come and challenge me’. Your dream has come true.

I want you to look at this. [Piper holt sein Buch hervor und hält ein Foto aus den Anfängen seiner Karriere in die Zuschauermenge] This is a picture of a young, scared boy. I wrote a book. This book was just about a boy, who dared to dream, that's all it was about. A kid, that because of professional wrestling, he fell into by accident… it gave im his dream. His dream is really simple. - I'm not here to make a big interview statement, I'm here to be real and if you wanne shoot Russo, I'll shoot! [Hält ein weiteres Bild in die Kamera] That was my dream: My dream was to have a family. God gave me my dream. I am so proud of that. Vince Russo said he is the anti-christ of professional wrestling. Russo, don't give yourself so much credit, you're simply the Bin Laden of professional wrestling!

You're a coward, you're a coward to come and sneak in. I got a question for you fans, for those at home, for you here with children. For two years Russo wrote all kind of things for the WWF. I have this question: Hey Russo, did you write in my cousins Owens death? Did you write home? Did you ask about his family? He's dead! He's my cousin, he's dead. Why? Because someone like you, who knows nothing about the technicalities, puts somebody ninty feet up. Why? There's no consequences to pay for you. Well, you know what? Everybody pays the Piper, man.

You piece of garbage. You piece of garbage, Russo. I tell you what, I may be out of step every once and a while, but hey, ain't forgot how to dance. [Zieht seine Jacke aus] On the back of my shirt [are] ten man, that have died, given their hearts to a sport, that gave my life [for]. I wear this black band, because if we do not stop Russo, he will kill professional wrestling for everyone of you, unless… unless your idea of a good time is having a 320 pound Samoan in a thong sitting on your face. Not for me! You don't have that kind of money, you little puke!

Watch the time. Come on out. Come on out, Russo. I know how to beat Vince Russo. There is a new millenium of professional wrestlers. One with pride, one that knows the entertainment value is in the ring wrestling, so you and your kids can sit down and enjoy it. When Russo was in the WCW…

[Vince Russo stürmt in den Ring und lehnt sich in die Ringecke]

Well. Hi, how are you? You're not a pimple on my ass. I wanne ask you some questions here, Champ. Did you kill Owen Hart? [Hält Russo das Micro hin, doch dieser verweigert die Antwort] I wanne ask you some questions, Champ. How did you take over the WCW 67 million dollars to the good and get it 80 million dollars to the bad? How did you do that? That's genius. That's pure genius. Don't have an answer for that one?`

[Russo erklärt eine Antwort zu haben, wenn Piper ihm das Mikro geben würde, doch dieser verweigert sich und verpasst ihm stattdessen eine Backpfeife]

I'll hold it and I'll try to be a gentleman, but you have to explain to me, what is it you're trying to accomplish?

[Russo erwidert seine Forderung, doch erneut hält Piper das Mikro zurück]

How do you like being played with? Oh, I'm sorry. The thing is, he said the act is over. He used to call me a dinosaur. Myself, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan. You're not a pimple on Hogans ass! And I send you a tape, didn't I? I send you a tape of how to turn the WCW around, but no, you have this great concept, that we're not athlets, we're just entertainers and you're gonna make an entertainment show of it. Well, what you made is simply softpornography, that's all you've done. What you're doing is you're killing my kids back there. Young man, that are coming out… I agree with you on one thing: Yes, my time is over, but you know what? You're the dinosaur now, man! You're the one, that needs to go bye-bye.

[Die Harris Brothers geleiten derweil Russo gegen dessen Willen aus der Halle, während dieser von Piper weiter gereizt wird, ehe auch dieser die Halle verlässt]"
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