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"And you, Sir, you're not the Batman"


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"And you, Sir, you're not the Batman"
Rey Mysterio: "Whooo. Alright, first things first: I wanna congratulate CM Punk on beating Edge and bringing back the World Heavyweight Championship back to RAW. Man, that was kinda weird, strange. You know, up till last week, my entire WWE career, my entire life was SmackDown! Wait, hold on: I was shocked when I got drafted to RAW. That was a good thing, though. Now that I'm here, I like it. I'm excited."

[Die Musik Santino Marellas unterbricht Rey und der Italiener kommt zum Ring.]

Santino Marella: "As you heard earlier, Shane McMahon said to us to pull together and act as one. So seeing that I am the most charismatic superstar on RAW, I come to officially welcome you. [Santino reicht Rey die Hand] Now personally, I don't see what the big deal is. I mean every man to hide behind a mask is either incredibly ugly, incredibly stupid or he's the Batman. And you, Sir, you're not the Batman."

Mysterio: "See, Santino..."

Santino: "No no no no, now shuddup your face. Okay? I just don't understand... de popularity. For example, let's have a look at the new cover of the WWE Magazine. [Das Cover mit Reys Konterfei wird eingeblendet] Look at you: It looks like you're saying: [mit Fistelstimme] 'Look at me: I'm Rey Mastreo, I'm more taller than the Hornswoggle. I like cookies, I'm Rey Mastreo. Booyaka, booyaka!'"

Mysterio: "Okay, alright..."

Santino: "No no no no, I'm not finished yet. Rey Mastreo, I'm not finished. You see, the problem I have with this magazine cover is that I submitted an excellent photograph of myself to WWE Magazine. And not only did they not use this photo, you're on the cover. Let's have a look at my cover, Rey Mastreo...

[Ein Foto von Santino halbnackt in lasziver Pose mit einer Rose zwischen den Zähnen auf einem Bett wird eingeblendet]

That, now THAT is a photo. In fact, if that was a poster, I knew everybody here - men and women - you would buy it. And you would hang it on the ceiling in your bedroom."

Mysterio: "You really think so?"

Santino: "You see, Rey Mastreo, there's a reason why you have never been on RAW. Because RAW is where true superstars - like myself - rise and shine. But if you want your experience here to be a good one, you should just mind your manners and behave. Because if you don't, it could be very, very bad for you. Now, if there was something you wanted to say, I will allow you to speak. Really, go ahead. BUT please, do me a favor and everybody else and say it in a language that we all can understand."

Mysterio: "Well, now that you insist..."

[Rey geht auf Santino los und verpasst ihm schließlich den 619]
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