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"You can't beat Booker T!"


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"You can't beat Booker T!"
Lauren: "Kevin Nash, why is it that controversy always seems to find you?"

Kevin Nash: "Well, you know, controversy and money seem to breathe the same air."

Lauren: "Okay, Kevin, earlier tonight, we heard Booker T tell Samoa Joe that he would be the TNA World Champ if it weren't for your involvement at Slammiversary."

Kevin Nash: "Ah, Booker's been doing this a long time. Booker and I have known each other a long time. When Booker touched me, he invited me into the...into the match. Hey, things happen."

Lauren: "Okay, so, are you confirming what Booker said, are you saying you’re the reason why Samoa Joe is still the TNA World Champ?"

Kevin Nash: "Lauren, you want some answer, right? [Lauren nickt.] You decide."

Lauren: "What, sorry, Kevin. I'm sorry, that's not good enough. I...I don't wanna misquote you, you got something to say. Just say it."

Kevin Nash: "Lauren, listen, I don't wanna be the one to say this, okay? I don't wanna..."

[Plötzlich hört man Samoa Joe aus der Halle.]

Samoa Joe: "Nash, excuse me! Excuse me! Nash, excuse me! The most [?] son of a bitch I know doesn't have anything to say. WELL, IF YOU GOT SOMETHIN' TO SAY, I SUGGEST YOU GET YOUR BIG ASS OUT HERE, AND YOU SAY IT TO MY FACE!

[Samoa Joe steigt in den Ring.]

Where you at, big man? Where you at, big sexy? I'm lookin' for you!"

[Kevin Nashs Musik wird eingespielt, und er macht sich auf den Weg in den Ring.]

Kevin Nash: "Joe, please, man. You don't need to do this out here. You wanna talk to me, let's just go in the back."

Samoa Joe: "No no no no, anything you can say to me, you can say in front of all these people and the rest of the world. Kevin, let me make this real simple for you! Why don't you shake some of that sugar of your lips and say what you gotta say!"

Kevin Nash: "Well, maybe, you don't wanna hear what the hell I got to say! You know what? Maybe the only reason you still got that strap on your shoulder is because the big man here took care of business! So, instead of comin' out here and runnin' your mouth, A SIMPLE 'THANK YOU' MIGHT BE IN ORDER!"

Samoa Joe: "You want me, you want me to thank you? Kevin, Kevin, let me explain somethin'. Maybe you need to be thankin' me for comin' out here and ridin' my coattails every week."

Kevin Nash: "I'm ridin' your cottails...I'M KEVIN NASH! You know what? I didn't wanna say this, but I'm gonna say it. YOU CAN'T BEAT BOOKER T! Wowowo, and you know why? It ain't physical, dog, it ain't physical, it's mental. He's already in your head! What's this been goin' on? 15 minutes? YOU CAN'T BEAT HIM!"

Samoa Joe: "Kevin, to be quite honest, you can take your opinions, put 'em together with your predictions, and stick 'em up your ass!"
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