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"I love being the champ!"


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"I love being the champ!"
Lauren: "Samoa Joe, originally it was scheduled to be a TNA Heavyweight Title defense in a one-on-one encounter with "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner at Sacrifice. However, after the series of events with Kurt Angle last week, now, it's a three way. And on top of that, you and Kurt are partners tonight against Petey Williams and Scott Steiner. How is that sitting with you?"

Samoa Joe: "How is that sitting with me? Let me be quite honest with you, Lauren, it's just another day at the office. You see, boys, if you don't think I saw this comin', well, Big Kev will tell you, you're sadly mistaken. WE SEE EVERYHING COMIN', boys. You gotta understand somethin', I welcome it, I welcome it, I am countin' the days till Sacrifice, 'cause you don't seem to understand one thing: I love competition. The only thing I love more than competition is I LOVE destroying people. And boys, if there's one thing you will learn at Sacrifice, it's that I love being the champ."

[Samoa Joe geht vor.]

Kevin Nash: "Hey Joe, the money, you love the money."
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