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"Tonight, I crush that kid's spirit"


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Edge: "You know Todd, we saw a career end. We've seen history made tonight already, but more importantly, we'll see more history made later on tonight. But I wanna set a stage for you, I wanna take you back, cause I've been thinking back a lot lately. Back to when I was a little kid. Back to when I was sitting in the audience – at WrestleMania VI. Man, I was so excited, I was watching my hero Hulk Hogan. I was the biggest Hulkamaniac in Canada. And that day... Hulk Hogan lost.

That wasn't the only thing lost that day. See, my innocence was also lost. But it's okay, because it's come full circle, it really has. No, people rely on the Undertaker for a win at WrestleMania. No matter how pathetic, mundane or lousy their lives are, they can always count on the Deadman.

But that all changes tonight. It really does. Tonight they get slapped in the face with a cold, hard dose of reality. There's propably a little kid in that crowd tonight, just like me all those years ago, that believes anything in this world can happen. Even 16-0. Tonight, I CRUSH that kid's spirit, I pluck his innocence when I defeat the Undertaker and walk out of WrestleMania the TRUE phenom – and still the World Heavyweight Champion."
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