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"As far as I'm concerned you hardcore boys are pathetic"


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"As far as I'm concerned you hardcore boys are pathetic"
Jim Cornette: "You know, people have said it, people have said it and I realize it, I realize it - I have got a problem with anger management! People have told me that all the time, and that's why I don't get out a lot anymore 'cause every time I go outside somebody is there, somebody, somewhere, they wanna push me, they wanna poke me, they wanna prod me, they wanna kick me over the edge. So every time I go out in public I have to say 'JC' - I'm have to say it to myself, I'm saying 'JC - Don't grab that guy at Wendy's at the drive through around the neck just cause he's a moron and he don't speak English, cause he was born in Bolivia - It's not his fault!' Cause I got an issue with anger management.

So, the last thing I wanna do as Ring Of Honor commissioner is not be calm, and cool, and collected - As commisioner I'm trying to stay away from this wrestling hyperbole, which means cutting a promo on somebodies ass. But you see the problem now is, I can't even go to a Ring Of Honor event, to a wrestling promotion that I admire, that I respect, that I wanna help, without something like THIS [präsentiert seinen ausgeschlagenen Zahn] happening to me a the hand of some of those hardcore wrestlers.

Well let me tell you boys something, as long as I'm commisioner of Ring Of Honor, there ain't gonna be any of this hardcore BS going on, as long as I'm commisioner of Ring Of Honor, I have got the word of the RoH officals, there ain't gonna to be no hardcore, barbwire, baseball bat, broken glass, flaming lightube, gerbils up people's poop shoots, there ain't gonna be none of that, because this is a wrestling promotion - And a real one. Not a seedy, backdoor, bar room, peep show promotion - That Combat Zone, or Bolivian Championship.

As far as I'm concerned you hardcore boys are pathetic - You have a shameful need to make something out of yourself in front of a small group of people, and you know, and you know there are some people who wanna see this stuff, and God bless all of ya, Cause the World needs more suckers like you, but as far as I'm concerned that is gonna stay in the peep shows, there is gonna be none of it in Ring of Honor.

Now, one more thing, about my face - I don't view this as a broken tooth, I view this as a black eye. A black eye on my face, just like a black eye on the face of pro wrestling, by your participation in it. You're pathetic! So you wanna play? I've played some power plays before, and you wanna have a war? I got news for ya. If I was Terry Funk, right now I'd be saying 'My eye!' and if I was the 'American Dream' Dusty Rhodes I would be saying 'Payback is hell, Daddy', but I'm not - I'm Jim Cornette, I'm the commisioner of Ring Of Honor, so what I'm saying is, you wanna war? Well, we're gonna cause talk and suspicion, we're gonna give an exhibition, we're gonna find out what it's all about, you wanna war? Dig down in your bunkers, and dig into those trenches, and get ready, get ready, for shock and awe!"

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