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"I have to know the hurt that I caused them wasn't for nothing"


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"I have to know the hurt that I caused them wasn't for nothing"
Seth Rollins: "Des Moines! [Cheers.] Welcome to Monday Night Rollins. Aw, sing it, Des Moines, sing it. Because I am a visionary, I am a revolutionary. I am Seth [Crowd responds 'Freakin' Rollins,' followed by singing his song.] You know, Des Moines, things around here have been heating up for this Iowa boy. [Cheers.] And after my little confrontation last week, I am feeling more motivated than I ever have to continue to be the best World Champion in this entire industry. [Cheers.] And, Iowa, if you thought 2023 was something, wait 'till you see what we do in 2024. And that starts with Day 1 when I defend my World Heavyweight Championship against Drew McIntyre. [Boos.] Now, say what you will about Drew McIntyre, but at Crown Jewel, Drew gave me-- [McIntyre interrupts and gets into the ring with a reception of boos.]

Now before you even open your mouth, I want you to know I haven't forgot that little headbutt from a few weeks ago, so tread lightly."

Drew McIntyre: "I'm not here to fight, Seth. We've got our match at Day 1 set. I'm here to tell you that I am proud of you! There're so many people back there turning a blind eye, kissing arse when it comes to CM Punk, but not you. You walked out here, you looked him right in the eye, you told him the truth exactly the way it needed to be said, and that, my friend, is a real leader.

And look at you, you're on top of the world right now. You're World Heavyweight Champion, you're on a roll. We're heading into the festive season, you're in front of basically your home crowd right now all singing your song. [Cheers and applause along with singing.] Probably feels pretty good, doesn't it? World Champion, you get to go home, spend it with your family and that's been the case for you for years and, recently I've been in a lot of reflection. I've been talking a lot about my family, the sacrifices they've made, because, I had a chance to go home not long ago and I started to see things I didn't like so much. I started to feel a certain way, I started to feel guilt. I started to see my family members getting older, I started to see my dad getting older. And after 16 years, I-- for the first time ever I questioned, is this all worth it?

This is something I felt that you couldn't understand, you couldn't possibly relate to, but, you can. There's somebody in your household, somebody you share your life with. Your wife is in the exact same position I am, all the way across the world chasing this dream, doing whatever she can to make it happen; sacrificing every single week and sacrificing that time with her family. And you've been part of those difficult conversations, and the good conversations. You know, man, I wish I can make this wedding back home, but there's a big show coming up and I can't let the fans down. And then the difficult conversations, when a family member gets sick, when a parent gets sick. My mom, her dad, and all we want is to be by their side and hold their hand and be there for them when they're going through it. But they tell us, 'don't you dare come home. You keep chasing that dream, and you make it happen,' and that's exactly what we did but then suddenly they're not here anymore...

Seth, look me in the eye. I don't want your title, I need your title. I need that validation, I have to know all these sacrifices were worth it. I have to know the hurt that I caused them wasn't for nothing. And I'm willing to hurt you for everything. I will do whatever it takes to take that title from you at Day 1."

Seth Rollins: "Gawd, Drew, here's the thing, man, I don't think we really know entirely how to feel about you, man. Because, you say stuff like that, I wanna take it to heart, I wanna believe you, but as of late your actions and your words, they haven't lined up. So, I don't know whether to believe you or call you out on your crap. But, I'll tell you this-- I'll tell you this. I respect you. Because after I beat you at Crown Jewel, you came to me. You told me you were gonna find a way back, you were gonna work your way into another opportunity at my World Heavyweight Championship and you've done that. But I wanna know, Drew, as much as you need this, what makes you think the outcome this time is going to be any different?

You say you'll do whatever it takes, You say you're not the same person, what does that mean? You're willing to cheat? You're willing to lie? You're willing to hurt people? You're willing to take shortcuts? Is that what it is? Yeah, yeah, you've changed in that regard, but in many ways you're the same, because you still wanna point the finger at everybody else, you still wanna shift the blame.

Yeah, Drew, you'll do whatever it takes, right? Whatever it takes, except for the one thing that you need to do to be a World Champion: you need to take responsibility for your actions. You need to look yourself in the mirror and you need to face the hard reality that the only person keeping Drew McIntyre from being a World Champion is Drew McIntyre.

Now I stood in this ring last week, I looked a man right in the eye, and I told him I hated him; I meant that. I'm looking you right in your eyes and, Drew, I don't hate you, I pity you. [Crowd 'oohs'.] Merry Christmas, Drew! I'll see you in a couple weeks." [McIntyre, baffled by Seth's statement, attempts to attack him as Seth leaves the ring. Seth kicks him outside followed by a Suicide Dive, but then Drew drags him to the barricade.]

Drew McIntyre: [off-mic] "Your pity? Do I look like a man that needs your goddamn pity?" [McIntyre finishes off Seth with an Alabama Slam onto the ring stairs and walks away as the crowd boos.]
- Credit: Thanks to inmate Promo for sending in this transcription.
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