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"When you write your phone number on your trunks and nobody calls you up, it's cuz no one's interested"


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"When you write your phone number on your trunks and nobody calls you up, it's cuz no one's interested"
["Velveteen"-Chants in Full Sail.]

Velveteen Dream: "Well, I guess you can say that the Dream is in high demand. [Jubel] That means that people want to feel the Dream. That means that people want to touch the Dream. More importantly that means people want to hold the Dream. But the fact is the Dream is the NXT North American champion.. so you can't just feel the Dream and you can't just hold on to the Dream. Quite frankly I'm too big to hold. [überraschtes Lachen in der Halle] So when you have the name Dream come out of your mouth, you would better make sure you say it correctly or don't say it at all."

[Die Musik von Tyler Breeze unterbricht den NXT North American Champion, lauter Jubel in der Halle als Prince Pretty sich auf den Weg zum Ring macht. Im Ring angekommen wird er mit "Breeze is gorgeous" und "Welcome home!"-Chants gefeiert.]

Tyler Breeze: "Prince Pretty is home.. [Pops und erneute "Welcome home"-Chants.] and much like you, Dream, when I was in NXT, I had eeeeeverybody talking about me. But ever since the fashion left NXT, it just feels a little - I don't know - lifeless, a little dull. This.. there is wannabe impersonators and cheap knockoffs [das Publikum traut seinen Ohren nicht, Velveteen Dream gibt sich überrascht] and as flattering as that is, Dream, believe me, it's flattering, there only can be one Prince Pretty; Tyler.. Breeze." [Jubel in der Halle und Breeze schaut in seine Handykamera als die Halle wieder "Breeze is gorgeous" ruft.]

Velveteen Dream: "Hey! Well, allow the NXT North American Champion to welcome you back home to the Dream's NXT. Breeze, we do things a bit differently here in NXT. The spotlight of the NXT universe; they want a real man. The Dream said the spotlight of the NXT universe wants a real man.. and not a boy; especially not a boy who plays cops and robbers. [fassungsloses Gelächter] Besides.. just because you couldn't cut it on Monday and Tuesday nights doesn't mean you can come to NXT and demand a spotlight. [erstaunte Rufe in der Halle] So, out along go back home to where you belong."

Tyler Breeze: [lacht] "Okay, Velveteen.. okay, Velveteen,.. but let's not confuse couldn't hack it or couldn't cut it.. let's go more.. I don't know.. uninspired? Yeah, let's go with 'uninspired'. You Dream, you inspire me. That North American Championship.. that inspires me [Applaus] and an inspired Tyler Breeze, Dream.. an inspired Tyler Breeze is too much, too big for you to handle."

Velveteen Dream: "Hey listen here, dollar store detective, [Gelächter] maybe you forgot.. maybe you forgot sitting in catering on Monday and Tuesday nights ,[fassungslos erheitertes Durcheinander] but we do things a little bit differently here in the Dream's NXT and as far as a line goes, the line starts - you see that you see that [schaut zur Stage] back there, you see that, Prince Pretty - the line starts outside, so I suggest that's where you start going. But.. the Dream doesn't want to leave a bad taste in your mouth. How about a selfie with the champ? You like that, don't you?"

Tyler Breeze: [lacht] "Should I take a selfie with the champ? Do I.. do I want a selfie with the champ?"

Velveteen Dream: "It's your only chance."

Tyler Breeze: "I mean, it is a monumental moment, you are the North American Champion, I'm here, you're here, first time we've been in the ring together. Should I take a selfie with Velveteen Dream?" [Zustimmung vom Publikum]

Velveteen Dream: "Make up your mind quick, the Dream ain't got all day."

Tyler Breeze: [lacht] "Okay.. okay, let's do it.. let's do it. I'll show you how to do, it I do it all the time, let's do it. Alright.."

Velveteen Dream: "You ready? Get that thing up there." [zeigt zur Stage]

Tyler Breeze: "Alright.. okay.. I do have one last piece of advice though. When you write your phone number on your trunks and nobody calls you up, it's cuz no one's interested."

[Das Publikum traut erneut seinen Ohren nicht und Breeze schlägt Dream mit seinem Handy nieder. Tyler Breeze verlässt unter Jubel die Halle, während Velveteen Dream im Ring sich seines Hemdes entledigt und sein Gesicht kontrolliert.]
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