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"The YES-Movement is dead!"


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"The YES-Movement is dead!"
[Daniel Bryan erhält gemischte Reaktionen vom Publikum, er steht mit geschlossenen Augen im Ring.]

Daniel Bryan: "Listen.. I don't expect these people to understand this, but this explanation isn't for them. This is for you. Because, you see, Daniel Bryan committed an act of betrayal. But.. but, that act was not last Tuesday, no, that act of betrayal was nearly three years ago when Daniel Bryan stood in front of all these people and announced his retirement. Daniel Bryan's betrayal occurred when he gave up on his dreams. But the difference between Daniel Bryan and these people is that he does not accept failure. Daniel Bryan realized his mistake, he learned his lesson and he decided to fight. He decided to fight and so he went all across the country and saw all these different doctors and under their recommendations, he spent three hours every single day inside a hyperbaric chamber. And inside that cold, dark, enclosed chamber pumped with 100% oxygen, it was meant to speed up the healing process; but it did way, way more than that. It allowed Daniel Bryan the silence and the isolation he needed to meditate on his new mantra: 'Fight for your dreams and your dreams will fight for you!'.

And.. It worked. How else would you explain it? How else would you explain the miracle that, against all odds, Daniel Bryan returned to the ring? And when he did, he received the loudest YES-chants he had ever heard. And it was a GREAT moment! But for these people.. it was just a moment. They weren't there for the struggle, they weren't there for the pain, they weren't there with the fights with his family over this obsession, they didn't have to endure the psychiatrist and the therapist telling him that he just needed to move on. The only people who moved on were these people.. [Daniel zeigt ins Publikum.] and you can hear it as we speak, as these idiots chant 'AJ Styles'. [Buh-Rufe und AJ Styles-Chants]

Fickle! Fickle! Fickle! Fickle! Fickle! FICKLE! FICKLE! FICKLE! FICKLE! See, YOU HEARD as the YES-chants grew quieter and quieter every single week and Daniel Bryan, for whatever reason, he stopped fighting. And so, when the referee was down, you didn't allow Daniel Bryan to give up on his dreams. Daniel Bryan's dreams TOOK OVER. Daniel Bryan's dreams did what they were programmed to do inside of that hyperbaric chamber and Daniel Bryan's dreams kicked AJ STYLES in the BALLS. [Buh-Rufe]

Daniel Bryan's dreams.. made him realize that he didn't need these people for anything. And Daniel Bryan's dreams told him that at Survivor Series he didn't need to beat Brock Lesnar to win. Daniel Bryan won by allowing Brock Lesnar to beat the weakness out of him. Daniel Bryan's dreams told him to allow Brock Lesnar to beat the weakness out of him, and there would be a new emergence after that match. And there has been. You see, the old Daniel Bryan, the Daniel Bryan that these people loved—that Daniel Bryan is DEAD. The YES-Movement is DEAD! [Buh-Rufe] And all.. and all that's left is you.. The New Daniel Bryan. THE WWE CHAMPION! [Bryan streckt seinen Titel in die Luft, Buh-Rufe.] And the only thing that matters is that you never ever give up on your dream EVER, EVER AGAIN!"
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