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"My legacy is putting your legacy out of business"


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"My legacy is putting your legacy out of business"
Triple H: "Last week on RAW I was confronted by one of the greatest legends of all time: two time Hall Of Famer, one of my best friends, the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Tempers flared, things got heated. I pushed Ric and I regret that. I apologize to Ric, but I don't apologize for what I said that night. I stand by what I said. So I stand in this ring tonight. Not as the COO of the WWE. I stand in this ring as the heartbeat of the WWE. I stand in a WWE ring in a WWE arena. I stand here as The Game, I stand here as the King Of Kings. And Sting, I am waiting for you!

[Die Halle verdunkelt sich, Sting zieht zu seiner Musik in die Halle ein und betritt den Ring.]

I am gonna assume you and I are past the point of pleasantries, so let's get down to it, put all our cards on the table. I know why you're here. I know what you want. I'm not even mad about it. Quite honestly, I have to say, I feel sorry for you. You backed the wrong horse all those years ago. You were a loyal soldier to WCW. Hell, Sting was WCW. And when the time came you stood with your head held high and you went down with the ship, I admire that. I respect that. But the reality is, it was guys like me that made the ship go down in the first place. The truth is, my legacy is putting your legacy out of business. I get that, that eats away at you, which is why you did what you did at Survivor Series. You tried to put me and my wife out of the WWE. Because you know that without my wife and I, without our family, the WWE dies. But you failed. I guess at the end of the day failure is what you do.

But what if I said I could give you the power back? What if I said to you I can give you your legacy back? All you have to do is, once again, stand with you head held high, walk away. We put all this behind us and you and I do business together. I always do what's best for business. I am magnanimous in that way. And I can assure you that if you put this behind us and you walk away, your legacy goes on. I ensure that your legacy lives forever, Sting. Through the WWE Network. Through DVDs. Through merchandise, through action figures. Through all of it. In 2015 Sting will be bigger than he is ever been before. Hell, I'll even go so far as— down the line, may I put you in the Hall Of Fame. What do you say? Sounds pretty good, right?

[Sting zeigt keine Reaktion, Triple H zieht seine Lederjacke aus.]

Or we can do it the other way. Or you can sit there with that look on your face and continue to disrespect me. And then I can beat what's left of your legacy out of you, right here and now! And when they carry you from this ring tonight, Sting, you will be erased from history! No legacy, no nothing. Gone, like you never even existed. The choice is yours. But I'm not gonna wait long. I can see by the look in your eye, you made up your mind. You know, it's funny, because Ric has always said to me that you were—

[Triple H will umgehend Sting attackieren, doch dieser blockt den Schlag ab. Es entsteht ein Fight, Triple H will seinen Vorschlaghammer benutzen, doch Sting kontert mit seinem schwarzen Baseball Bat. Mit diesem deutet er auf das riesige WrestleMania-Logo und spricht damit eine Herausforderung aus, welche Triple H annimmt. Letzten Endes steckt Hunter den Scorpion Death Drop ein.]"
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