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"I looked at it as the final awakening"


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"I looked at it as the final awakening"
Pastor: "Dearly beloved, we gathered here today to mourn the passing of The Aces And Eights. A part of you may have passed away with their demise. This will be a final tribute to their legacy. A day to celebrate all the good that they've done to this world. Each of your lifes were touched in some ways by this group so I now ask that anyone to please come up with any kind or positive words to speak. Anyone?"

[Der Sarg öffnet sich und Mr. Anderson entsteigt diesem]

Mr. Anderson: "Gentlemen, I was trapped inside this organization for over a year. An organization responsible not only for giving the miles of my Harley [?] but also many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many segments on the show. Yeah. I really like to thank Bully Ray's ex father-in-law and ex wife for that delicious deli plate. Joe, good stuff. I'm sure one of you has something you'd like to offer. Kurt?"

Kurt Angle: "Well, I had a couple of friends in the group. D-Lo Brown and Wes Brisco. You all remember D-Lo, right? He's gotta shakes his head a funny way, he actually— yeah, they did. They made a bobblehead out of him. [Holt einen Wackeldackel in D-Lo Brown-Optik hervor] Look at that. I wish the best in your next life. [Legt den Wackeldackel in den Sarg] Anybody else?"

Samoa Joe: "Gentlemen, that's sad to be here on this side of the cage. You see, when Aces And Eights first showed up in TNA they were faceless marauders. Men who hid themselves behind masks. Beneath those masks when we pulled them off we found some of the most ugly visages I ever thought of by men. I bring this [Holt ein Sixpack Bier hervor], possibly the only substance on earth that makes you palatable to human's eyes. And I lay this to rest in your memoriam [Er zögert den Sixpack in den Sarg zu legen] Now we really shouldn't waste it. They're nice, they're cold right now. [Verteilt das Bier unter den Trauergästen] Listen, gentlemen. To The Aces And Eights. May you ride your mopeds to the shore of Valhalla. Cheers."

Mike Tenay: "Unfortunately, Taz will still be with me at the broadcast table. I know, sorry. But fortunately I am able to lay to rest today the stinky, the smelly cut that Taz wore for the past 18 months. And in the same time, not exactly sure how Brooke's hootyie shorts got under the announce table, but— we lay those to rest at the same time. [Er legt Taz' Weste und in den Sarg, Brookes Shorts steckt er sich unbemerkt ein]. Uhm, Eric. I think they hurt your feet."

Eric Young: "Guys, I came here to shed a tear, to shed a tear for the men that we've lost here tonight. They will never get a chance to wear this. [Holt den Turkey Suit hervor] But don't worry, I got more of these so we can live in the beauty of tradition forever. And we live on in the hearts of wrestling fans forever unlike The Aces And Eights who we lost here tonight" [Er legt den Suit in den Sarg und bricht dann in Tränen aus]

Mr. Anderson: "Guys, there's one more thing we have to take care of here. That's— uhm, this hammer. We've all seen it, lot of us have felt it. It helped beat Sting, Jeff Hardy and I don't think there's anybody here, in here besides maybe you, Mike, who hasn't been touched by Bully's hammer. Uhm, I'd like to lay this thing to rest. I think I'm gonna keep it, perfectly good hammer."

[Bully Ray betritt die Kapelle]

Bully Ray: "Ken, you raped me of everything. And for that I will never forgive you. You better sleep with one eye open, you better sleep with one eye open in the best interest for yourself but more importantly in the best interest of you pregnant wife. You all will look at death as the last sleep. I looked at it as the final awakening."
- Schauplatz der Promo war eine kleine Kapelle zur "Beerdigung" der Aces And Eights.

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