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"The reality is I am gonna walk out of WrestleMania as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion"


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"The reality is I am gonna walk out of WrestleMania as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion"
Michael Cole: "Hunter, welcome. Thank you for taking the time."

Triple H: "Thank you."

Michael Cole: "Usually you and I sit down on Wednesdays on to conduct this interview. I felt it would be appropriate, you agreed, that— uh, based on what happened last week that we should have this form in front of WWE Universe here tonight in Brooklyn. So with that been said, let's show everyone what transpired last week on Monday Night Raw.

[Ein Vide von Hunters brutaler Attacke gegen Daniel Bryan aus der Vorwoche wird gezeigt]

So, Hunter. As COO of WWE how can you justify the attack at your hands last week of your WrestleMania opponent Daniel Bryan?"

Triple H: "See, the question you asked is confusing itself. Do you want me to answer as COO or you want me to answer as a competitor at WrestleMania? People seem to be confused of what they're asking for around here. Daniel Bryan was very clear about what he was asking for, they're all very clear about what they were asking for and they got exactly what they were asking for. Let me ask you a question, Cole. Have you ever been put in the position were you had no choice but to submit to somebody else's will? Shackled so to speak. To wear— you just had to do what somebody else wanted. You were defenseless, helpless. It's a horrible feeling, isn't it?"

Michael Cole: "Hunter, I'm sure you're referring to the fact that last week you handcuffed Daniel Bryan before you assaulted him."

Triple H: "No. I'm not referring to handcuffing anybody. I'm referring to Daniel Bryan walking to this ring with the WWE Universe inviting them out here a few weeks ago in an attempt to hijack this show. I'm talking about the 'occupy Raw' movement, I'm talking about this little Yes Movement ["YES!"-Chants]. Daniel Bryan came out here— these people stood in this ring, Daniel Bryan put them in harm's way in an attempt to take over in a coup to get what they wanted. And— and let me ask you this, Cole. Where's your mock horror to all of that, huh? Where's that? Oh, that was okay, you just charmed that up to memorable Raw moment, didn't you? But yet what I did was heinous and dispicable."

Michael Cole: "Probably, Hunter, because many people believe what Daniel Bryan did was an inspiring act. And others belive what you did was an act of thuglike aggression by unbecoming of the COO of the WWE."

Triple H: "See, there's that confusion again. COO or competitor? Daniel Bryan asked for The Game. Daniel Bryan stood here— HOW MANY TIMES DID I TELL DANIEL BRYAN, I DON'T WANNA FIGHT HIM? How many times did I say, I was not gonna step in the ring with him, but he forced the issue. They [zeigt ins Publikum] forced the issue. They forced my hand and made me become a competitor. And then they got exactly what they asked for and Daniel Bryan got exactly what he deserved. ["Asshole"-Chants] And now— now you all gonna cry about it right? What happened to this world, Cole, huh? What happened to this world since I stopped competing full time in this ring because I used to stand in this ring and I used to do dispicable, horrible things to people. And I looked down into their eyes [zeigt auf die Fans at ringside] and I would look out and I would see that same blust for success that I had. I would see that same burning desire that I had. They would fight, they would fight the system, they were strong. You know what I see when I look out here now? I see apathy, I see soft, I see pathetic, I see a bunch of little people with no power, no desire. When they don't get what they want they cry about it ['Heult' ein wenig rum].

You know what? I know. Why don't you guys send me a tweet and express your displeasure? How about that, huh? Yeah, yeah, that's it. You know what, Cole? I'm sick of it. I'm sick to death of the whole thing. The world has changed and I can't take it anymore. You know what? Maybe it's on me to chance the future. Maybe it's on me to design where this whole thing goes. Maybe I start the reality era. Maybe as of right now, this moment, this is the beginning of the reality era. And you what that means, Cole? [Schmeißt seinen Stuhl um] It means the reality is this. At WrestleMania I end Daniel Bryan's little supposoed run to the top. AT WRESTLEMANIA THE REALITY IS, I END THIS PATHETIC YES MOVEMENT. [Buhrufe] The reality is at WrestleMania when I'm done with that, I'm gonna step into a Triple Threat Match and no one living off of their past glories is gonna stop me and no one living off of their untapped potential is gonna stop me. Becausem, Michael, the reality is— I have the power to make it happen and they all know it's true! [Buhrufe] THE REALITY ERA MEANS THAT THE REALITY IS I AM GONNA WALK OUT OF WRESTLEMANIA AS THE WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!"
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