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"Dixie, your reign of terror is over"


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"Dixie, your reign of terror is over"
Dixie Carter: "Thank you so much, I can tell how excited you are this evening tonight and I really, really, really appreciate it, but people tonight is not just about me it is also about another very, very, very special person and I'd like all of you to help me introduce him right now. He is not only a VIP, he is MVP.

[MVP's Musik wird eingespielt und erkommt zielstrebig in den Ring.]

Welcome to TNA."

MVP: "I have to say Dixie, it is an honor to be here tonight in Glasgow — in your regal presence."

Dixie Carter: "Well thank you so much, now you learned this much: flattering will get you everywhere, but now we have a lot of business to talk about tonight and that is this great idea that I have to give up to you that you had to come out here in front of all of these people and share our vision for the future of TNA, right? So if you don't mind, can I, can I start?"

MVP: "Oh please, please."

Dixie Carter: "So, you know it's very important, that — come on people, please have some class."

MVP: "Let her speak, let's hear her out, let's hear her out."

Dixie Carter: "If we're gonna start, we need to start at the top and people that would be your TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus. And I can tell by your reaction, I can tell by your reaction that you all agree with me, that he in a very, very, very short amount of time has truly accomplished everything, that we all hoped he would."

MVP: "Is that right?"

Dixie Carter: "Yes! The dignity, the integrity and the class everytime he steps foot in this ring sets a path that each and everyone of you should try to follow. He sets the bar so high for his peers, for all of his fans..."

MVP: "He sets the bar?"

Dixie Carter: "Yes he does. But I'll say this to: Our company, no not just our company, our nation, my great nation and your little nation people, your little nation. Spud your little nation too and all the little nations around the world watching tonight, we should all try to emulate him in his greatness. Right?

[Dixie wird laut ausgebuht.]

Okay, no, no, no, listen people, listen up. I can not hear myself talk. You're all wondering I'm sure, where are we going from here? Right? Where are we going from here? And the answer is quite simple to me, that if each and everyone of you continues to follow my lead, if all of the men and women in the back continue to follow my lead then we're all gonna be very, very, very successful."

MVP: "Is that right?"

Dixie Carter: "That's exactly right."

MVP: "Okay..."

Dixie Carter: "Now, listen. In my 11 years here, everyone knows, that I've dealt with all kinds of investors and partners. Some have been good, others not so good, okay? And I'm really hoping, you and I are gonna make every single one of them never forget us."

MVP: "I'm absolutely certain of that."

Dixie Carter: "So we probably should talk about a few changes that we need to make too, right?"

MVP: "I agree we should talk about changes, but let me do that. may I? may I talk about the changes?"

Dixie Carter: "Partner, go ahead."

MVP: "Dixie in meeting you and talking to you and learning about you and all of the things you have accomplished, I've discovered that you and I agree on so many things. Okay I'm lying we really agree on one thing — and that's that we agree to disagree. Dixie you don't know a headlock from a padlock. It would seem that you're mismanagement has almost singlehandedly brought this organisation to it's knees. You have created a playing field that only you and your minions can play on. Well guess what. My name is MVP and if you think I came here to be a butler at a Poly Dean(?) party, you are sadly mistaken. As a matter of fact, Dixie, your reign of terror is over.

[Dixie kann es nicht fassen und will auf MVP losgehn, Spudd hält sie zurück.]

I said it's over Dixie, it's over. If you thought I came here to be a passive hands off investor you're wrong. i intend to be very, very hands on. Changes will take effect very soon Dixie. The party is over."

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