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"I'm in my boy's corner and I will be your huckleberry all night long"


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"I'm in my boy's corner and I will be your huckleberry all night long"
Triple H: "I would like to intive the Rhodes Family to make their way down to ring, please. Don't be afraid, guys. I guarantee you safety just like I would the safety of any WWE Superstar. Come on."

[Dusty Rhodes, Goldust und Cody Rhodes kommen im Anzug zum Ring]

Stephanie McMahon: "Well, welcome to Raw, Gentlemen. Everyone is obviously happy to have you here. And Cody it's the first time we see each other since the wedding, congratulations. I trusted your father gave you the gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond. It's our wedding present."

Triple: "Why-- Why-- Why the angry look on all your faces? We invite you all out here out of goodness of our hearts to offer you another opportunity. This is the look of hostility that you give us? How many-- how many opportunities is this now, Steph? What are we on?"

Stephanie McMahon: "I-- I lost count."

Triple H: "Yeah, me too. What is this like? Like four?"

Stephanie McMahon: "Yeah at least"

Triple H: "Now, it started with you Cody. We gave you the opportunity to get your job back. All you had to do was to beat the face of the WWE, Randy Orton, and you failed. So, out of the goodness of our hearts we've given an opportunity to your brother Dustin. Goldust. All he had to do was beat Randy Orton and Dustin did was Dustin always does-- he failed. Which brought us to 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes. We offered The American Dream the opportunity to get your job back, Cody. And what is he doing? Dusty makes it about Dusty which is quite frankly what he always does. I don't get it, Dusty. What-- what is it? Are you still bitter about the whole 'not being able to make it outside Florida and the NWA'-thing? You bitter at the fact, when you tried to make it on a national level and worked with the McMahons, you failed? He couldn't even get it done with the polka dots, Steph. So we offered you to get your son's jobs back and what did you do? You tell my wife to go to hell. [Jubel] And he got knocked out for it. So, here we are. Opportunity number four."

Stephanie McMahon: "Now, Dusty-- You had the most important job in all of the WWE right now. You train and develope WWE Superstars in our performance center in Orlando. You literally hold their future in the palm of your hand. Isn't it ironic that tonight my husband and I hold your son's future in the palm of our hands. So on to the proposition. Cody, we'd like to give you your job back. [Jubel] And Goldust, we woud like to give you a job. Or rather we would like to give you the opportunity to gain your employment if you can beat the WWE tag team champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns this sunday at Battleground."

Triple H: "That's right. All you have to do is beat the tag team champions at Battleground and you get your jobs back. But-- isn't it funny, Steph, there's always a 'but'?"

Stephanie McMahon: "There's always a 'but'."

Triple H: "But if you loose-- if you loose than Cody and Dustin, you will never work in the WWE again. And not only that but your father, 'The American Dream' Dusty Rhodes will join you on the unemployment line."

[Dusty Rhodes nimmt Hunter unter Jubel der Fans das Mikrofon weg.]

Dusty Rhodes: "You're big on getting in people's faces." [Baut sich vor Triple H auf und hält Stephanie seine Hand vors Gesicht, welche die Hand wegschlägt.]

Triple H: [ohne Mikro] "You crossed a line, old man."

Dusty Rhodes: "Let me tell-- you crossed the line, old man? Let me tell you something. One stipulation: I'm in my boy's corner and I will be your huckleberry all night long. [Lauter Jubel]

Stephanie McMahon: "You're on. But it seems like you're itching for a fight, Dream. Careful what you wish for. You just might get it."

[Stephanie McMahon und Triple H verlassen den Ring. Als die Rhodes Family den Ring verlassen wollen kommen The Shield zum Ring. Dustin muss einen Spear einstecken, Dusty einen Beatdown und Cody die Triple Powerbomb.]
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