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"It's no wonder everbody is saying 'Dixie sucks'"


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"It's no wonder everbody is saying 'Dixie sucks'"
[Dixie betritt den Ring mit 2 Security Leuten. Einer von ihnen trägt einen Koffer.]

Dixie Carter: "Thank you so much, thank you! Now I truly know what it's like to feel like Michelangelo did, when he finished the Sistine Chapel, because great pieces of art take time and guess what: This sunday at 'Bound for Glory' it's gonna be my finest work ever. But you know what? Michelangelo did not have to deal with a redneck AJ Styles over his shoulder splattering paint all over his masterpiece. He didn't —- but you know what, speaking of splattering —- Bully Ray —- Bully Ray splattered and destroyed AJ last week. My goodness, he was too dumb not to stay down. Really? Doesn't he want to walk away with just a tiny little piece of his integrity left? I mean, come on, but I mean whatever right? Whatever. Now —- as a leader it is my job to motivate and I do motivation really well. But I gotta tell you, my other job —- my other job it's to evaluate. And you know what? Tonight, I'm gonna do both, 'cause you know what?

[Die Crowd startet 'We want Hogan!'-Chants.]

Come on please. If you don't wanna hear what I have to say, we've got a big thing planned for tonight and it is a contract signing for the main event at 'Bound for Glory'. But I was thinking to myself, like: What if AJ Styles did not make it to that contract signing? And what if another talent stepped up to impress me, solidify his place in this company and in the process walked away 50.000$ richer, all to make tonight AJ Styles' final night in this company. That sounds so good to me, because AJ you know what? You may have walked away from the money that I offered last week, but I can promise you darlin', that there is somebody that's not gonna repeat this stupid mistake. And they're gonna walk away with it all. And when that happens, AJ Styles will not —- and let me repeat myself —- will not be in the main event at 'Bound for Glory'. I'm so sorry. But what will happen is, we're gonna open up a spot for someone else, because you know what? Creating opportunities and making people rich, now that —- that's what I do best. So, anyway guys, show him the 50.000$ please. Please show him.

[Der Security mit dem Koffer öffnet diesen und hält ihn in die Kamera. Der Koffer ist mit Geldbündeln gefüllt.]

There we go. Okay that's enough, that's enough."

[Der Koffer wird wieder geschlossen und gleichzeitig ertönt die Musik von Bully Ray, welcher begleitet von Brooke den Ring betritt.]

Bully Ray: "Shut it off! You know, me and you haven't exactly seen eye to eye and I'm not exactly what you would say, you know, like on team Dixie. 50.000$ buys a lot. Last week I took out AJ for free, so I think that tonight I collect the 50.000$, take out AJ and then I don't care who I have to face at 'Bound for Glory'"

[Nun wird auch Magnus' Musik eingespielt und dieser gesellt sich in den Ring.]

Magnus: "So, let me just make sure I got this right: Twelve men over 3 months put their bodies, their careers, their lives on the line in the 'Bound for Glory Series' for this company for you and for a chance to win that Heavyweight Championship of the world. And now because you don't like AJ Styles, you'd rather give the opportunity to whoever's greedy enough to take 50.000$."

Dixie Carter: "I call it smart, Magnus. Smart."

Magnus: "Boss, I hate to be insubordinate, but —- it's no wonder everbody is saying 'Dixie sucks'"

[Die Crowd stimmtselbigen Chant an.]

Dixie Carter: "Did you really just say that? Oh come on.

Magnus: "50.000$ might be chump change to you, boss. It might even be chump change to you, champ, but it sure as hell isn't chump change to me. I'ts not chump change to the good people in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

[Die Crowd jubelt.]

So you can understand how serious I am and look at me when I'm talking to you. You can understand how serious I am when I tell you that I am so sick and tired of hearing you talk each and every week, that you can take that 50.000$. Bully Ray —- I will fight you tonight for free."

Bully Ray: "Do you know who I am? Magnus, don't get me wrong. I know they say you're the future of pro wrestling. 6' 4", 250 pounds, chiseled, not an ounce of bodyfat on ya', he got all the tools in the ring. They say you're tough, they say you can fight, they say you got heart and all of these people seem to like you a lot.

[Die Crowd bestätigt dies.]

They believe in you and Sting believes in you. Now I'm gonna tell them the truth. You know it and I know it. You're a fraud. You're all smoking mirrors. You're just a big pretty boy. You ain't got a tough bone in your body. I know you since the day you stepped foot in a wrestling ring. You're a loser, you're a fraud, you're probably —- you're probably the biggest disappointment I've ever seen. You're so big of a disappointment, you might as well be from Oklahoma."

[Bully Ray drängt Magnus immer weiter in die Ringecke, Magnus verlässt die Geduld und er schlägt Bully Ray. Dieser verlässt geschockt den Ring, nimmt sich dann aber noch einmal ein Mikrofon.]

You want a match against me? You got a match against me. Tonight."

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