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"You lose this match tonight and it's gonna be lights out for one of you"


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"You lose this match tonight and it's gonna be lights out for one of you"
Bully Ray: "Shut it, shut it, shut it off, shut it off, shut it off! —- You know. It's not often, that I'm at a loss for words —- but I gotta tell you —- Dixie Carter shut the hell outta me. I mean, last week, did you hear the way she put AJ Styles in his place? That was awesome! It was great! You know ever since AJ won the 'Bound for Glory Series', you know baby [wendet sich an Brooke] I've been up long at night thinking: How am I gonna beat AJ? Am I gonna —- Am I gonna cut him? Am I gonna Bubba Bomb him? Am I gonna piledrive him? —- I ain't gotta worry about that anymore. Dixie Carter is so inside of AJ Styles' head, it ain't funny. I think you people would agree that AJ Styles should kiss the ground that Dixie Carter walks on right now. I mean —- I don't always see eye to eye with that lady, but she is the one that made AJ Styles phenomenal. If it wasn't for Dixie, AJ couldn't perform in this ring, in front of all of you morons.

[Das Publikum last deutlich hören, dass es mit diesem Kommentar nicht einverstanden ist.]

So, I think —- oh wait, wait, wait, wait, oh —- I totally forgot, I totally forgot one more thing, one more thing —- Do you know who I am?"

[Nun wird die Musik der 'Aces and Eights' eingespielt und Knux, Garett Bischoff, sowie Wes Brisco kommen Richtung Ring gelaufen.]

Knux: "Oh yeah —- we know who you are. —- At least we know, what you're supposed to be.

[Die 3 betreten den Ring.]

Bully Ray —- [dieser fällt Knux ins Wort, lässt ihn dann aber doch ausreden.]—- you're supposed to be the president of the Aces and Eights. And once again you're out here taking care of Bully Ray business.

[Bully Ray weist Brooke, die seinen Titelgürtel trägt, an sich hinter ihn zu stellen.]

You're more worried about keeping that title around your waist, than protecting this club and the men in it. —- The men still in it. You worry more about your hoe...

[Er deutet auf Brooke, was dieser wenig gefällt, dem Publikum dagegen sehr.]

...than you do about your bros."

Bully Ray: "I'm gonna tell you this one time —- and one time only. Do not call her a hoe!

[Die Crowd beginnt mit 'Hoe'-Chants.]

I said do not call her a hoe!"

Knux: "I wouldn't worry about that too much. Tonight —- against the 'Main Event Mafia' —- we're gonna take care of club business. Us three Bully, not you."

Bully Ray: "Let me tell you something.

[zeigt auf Brisco.]

You better stand in line...

[zeigt auf Knux.]

...and you better get in line...

[zeigt auf Bischoff.]

...and you better knock that smirkle of your face, before I knock it off for you.

You guys don't make the rules in this club, that's why my patch says president and basically your three's should say lackey. I make the rules around here, you saw what I did to D-Lo, you saw what I did to Ken Anderson and I know you all saw, what I did to my own brother Devon. What makes you think that I won't do the same to you three. Fall —- in —- line. If you wanna start making decisions around here, without me —- fine! But I'm telling you right now —- you lose this match tonight and it's gonna be lights out for one of you and when I mean lights out —- I mean lights out as in you're out of MY CLUB."

[Bully Ray und Brooke verlassen den Ring, während Knux und Ray sich noch ein Wortgefecht liefern.]
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