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"To be the NWA Heavyweight Champion is the ultimate goal"


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"To be the NWA Heavyweight Champion is the ultimate goal"
Ricky Steamboat: "Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, wrestling fans across the world that are gonna be watching this pay-per-view tonight. That's right. It gives me great pleasure to stand in this squared circle, and the many times that I was in this circle... and throughout my wrestling career would someday be a world champion, and it did happen, on that memorable night with Ric Flair, the Nature Boy —- Chicago, 1989 —- and became an NWA World Champion. You know something, ladies and gentlemen —- this belt, of all the championships I've won, and all these gentlemen that stand here with me, this belt means more to me and to them than any championship I've ever held in my life - the NWA Championship. This belt, to us and in this business of wrestling, is like the Stanley Cup is to hockey players, it is like the Super Bowl to football players, the World Series to baseball players, winning Wimbledon for the tennis players - this is what this belt means to us in our sport —- to be the NWA Heavyweight Champion is the ultimate goal! Yes. You know, ladies and gentlemen, tonight there have been a selected twenty wrestlers through these NWA representatives, that are going to be going the 'Gauntlet For The Gold', and that's for this belt. And also through these good friends of mine, and some old foes, they have chosen me that when it comes down to the final two wrestlers, that I am going to be the special referee for this belt."

[Jeff Jarrets Musik wird eingespielt und er erscheint auf der Rampe.]

Jeff Jarrett: "The 'Gauntlet for the Gold' —- two guys are gonna start and there's gonna be a total walking down this isle. That's the biggest bunch of crap I've ever heard in my life. Ricky Steamboat —- did you win the title in a stupid battle royale? Dory —- did you win the title back in 1902 in a battle royale? Hell no, you didn't! This is the biggest joke of a NWA title, that I've ever witnessed. I win my title man to man. Fargo, you butt out of it you old fart..."

[Fargo unterbricht ihn.]

Jackie Fargo: "You kiss my ass, you kiss my ass. Yo can whip nobody, boy. I remember when you was that high, still do doing younger. So I don't wanna hear about how you —- how you try to..[tanzt]...and you don't do it like the fabulous one does. So don't gimme that for all your mouthrunnin' on that stage – I'm gonna do you an honor tonight, Mister Jeff. I'm gonna put you on the very first match and let you try to beat all 20 of them people."

Jeff Jarrett: "Alright, alright, if I gotta step in the ring first, that's alright with me, because what I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna proceed to kick 19 other asses and I'm gonna walk outta here the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion."

Jackie Fargo: "Jeff, you make —- Jeff, you make me laugh, pal."

[Ken Shamrocks Musik ertönt und dieser gesellt sich zu Jarett auf die Rampe.]

Ken Shamrock: "Jeff —- you're right about how this NWA Titlematch is played out. It sucks. But —- you may be whipping 18 other people's asses in that ring, but you ain't whipping number 19 —- and that's me!"

[Nun ertönt auch noch Scott Halls Musik und selbiger betritt über die Zuschauerränge die Halle.]

Scott Hall: "Hey Yo! Jeff Jarrett, Ken Shamrock – I agree with you about this Battle Royale for the belt —- it sucks. But one thing's for sure —- right here in TNA, we are gonna do it tonight —- so quit crying about it. And Jarrett and Shamrock, I don't know if it's 18 or 19 people you gotta beat up —- just focus on trying to beat up one —- Scott Hall."

Jeff Jarrett: "Now let me tell you something, Hall. You can stick it, Shamrock you can stick it, all you old farts can and Fargo —- you're gonna regret this day as long as you live."
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