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"I saw Bob Holly in the back. He looked great for 75 years old, but he didn't even want a piece of us."


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"I saw Bob Holly in the back. He looked great for 75 years old, but he didn't even want a piece of us."
Bully Ray: "Shut the music off. [An SoCal Val gerichtet.] Get out of the ring right now. [An Earl Hebner gerichtet.] Earl, what do you talk to my brother? Get your butt out of this ring right now. You're about 90 years old. You should be in the grave already. Devon, you ain't done yet?"

[Devon hat sich zwischenzeitlich vor SoCal Val in der Ringecke aufgebaut, um diese einzuschüchtern.]

Devon: "What?"

Bully Ray: "You ain't done yet?"

Devon: "Not yet."

Bully Ray: "I would have been done a long time ago. I would have ate a sandwich already.

Do you know, who we are? I'm gonna say it one more time, nice and slow, so every single one of you morons can understand can hear me and understand me. Do – you – know – who – we – are? We are Team 3D. We are the 23-time World Tag Team Champions. We are the greatest tag team that has ever walked the planet. We are the most hardcore tag team that has ever existed. We are the kings of the Tables Match.

Hardcore Justice 2. [An einen zwischenrufenden Fan gerichtet.] Ey, keep your mouth shut. Listen—listen redneck. Keep your mouth shut, because you know damn well that I will come out down there and I will smack you in your face. You know something? By looking at you I can tell one thing. Your mother and father were brother and sister. Anybody else wanna piss me off?

Hardcore Justice 2. Me and my brother, we shoot an open challenge for a Tables Match. Nobody wanted accept it. Everybody is afraid of us. I saw Bob Holly in the back. He looked great for 75 years old, but he didn't even want a piece of us."

Devon: "Hey, hey. Didn't you tap out Bob Holly one time?"

Bully Ray: "I beat up Bob Holly so bad, he never drove a racecar again. And you know what? And—and he has gotten a little heavy. He should go on a diet.

Nobody wanted accept our challenge. And then at the last minute one person spoke up. Our little brother Runt. You know something, Runt? It's obvious that you're still a little annoyed about my – about my wedding day. When we used you as a pawn in our beautiful, supreme plan to fool everybody. And we fooled each and every one of you.

So listen Runt. We know you don't have a partner. Dreamer is probably out at a buffet. Sandman is probably out at a bar, passed out drunk already. God only know[s], where Balls is. So why don't you just come down to the ring, let us put you through the table and get this over with."

[Brother Runt erscheint in der Halle.]

Brother Runt: "You know, I've been taking crap from you and from you for my entire life. And you know what? There is nothing more worse than a bully. Here's a bully. There's a bully. There's a bully. You two suck!

Now you think, I'm coming out here all alone. You think I don't have partner, but you know what? I have the greatest partner in the world. I've got—I've got the partner, who's gonna kick your ass. He's gonna kick your ass. I want you—you guys ever hear of Jeff Hardy? Bring him out!"

[Jeff Hardy erscheint in der Halle und der Main Event beginnt.]

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