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Promotion Names

Promotions Database

Displaying items 1 to 100 of total 3383 items that match the search parameters.
1$5 Wrestling$5 WrestlingAmerika2010-  
21 Fall Wrestling1 Fall WrestlingAmerika2017-  
31 Pro Wrestling1 Pro WrestlingEuropa2005-20085.6824
4100% Lucha100% LuchaAmerika2006-20106.387
5100% Lucha Puerto Rico100% Lucha Puerto RicoAmerika2015-  
61Fall Entertainment1Fall EntertainmentRest der Welt2018-  
72 Flag Promotions2 Flag PromotionsEuropa2010-  
82KW Pro Wrestling2KW Pro WrestlingAmerika1999-2016  
93 Bat Productions3 Bat ProductionsAmerika2014-  
103 Count Wrestling3 Count WrestlingEuropa2004-  
113 Count Wrestling Amerika2009-  
123-2-1 BATTLE!3-2-1 BATTLE!Amerika2012-7.005
13302 Professional Wrestling302 Professional WrestlingAmerika2015-10.02.2018  
14365 Pro Wrestling365 Pro WrestlingAmerika2020-  
153K Wrestling Fighting Athletes3K Wrestling Fighting AthletesAmerika2008-2009  
173rd Degree WrestlingAmerika25.04.2008-17.09.2008  
184 Front Wrestling4 Front WrestlingEuropa2004-8.6212
194 Front Wrestling South East4 Front Wrestling South EastEuropa21.10.2014-27.05.2016  
204 Star WrestlingEuropa19xx-2005  
21412 Pro EntertainmentAmerika01.08.2009 - 10.07.2010  
224th Generation Wrestling4th Generation WrestlingEuropa2015-  
234th Wall Wrestling4th Wall WrestlingAmerika2013-  
245 Dollar Wrestling5 Dollar WrestlingAmerika2010-  
255 Luchas - Clandestino5 Luchas - ClandestinoAmerika2017-  
265 Star Wrestling 5 Star Wrestling Amerika2003-2005  
275CC Wrestling5CC WrestlingAmerika2019-  
297Star Wrestling7Star WrestlingAmerika2015-2017  
30A Matter Of Pride WrestlingA Matter Of Pride WrestlingAmerika2016-  
32AAW VanguardAAW VanguardAmerika12.12.2014-2015  
33AAW: Professional Wrestling RedefinedAAW: Professional Wrestling RedefinedAmerika09.2005-7.7358
34ABC Pro Wrestling ThailandABC Pro Wrestling ThailandAsien2016-  
35ACTION WrestlingACTION WrestlingAmerika2018-  
36ACW WisconsinACW WisconsinAmerika2013-  
37AIWF Main Event WrestlingAIWF Main Event WrestlingAmerika09.2013-2014  
39AMP WrestlingAMP WrestlingEuropa2008-  
40APEX Pro WrestlingAPEX Pro WrestlingEuropa11.03.2017-  
41APEX WrestlingAPEX WrestlingAmerika2016-  
42ATTACK! Pro WrestlingATTACK! Pro WrestlingEuropa2011-7.5615
43AULL Costa RicaAULL Costa RicaAmerika22.03.2014-17.11.2014  
44AWA LegendsAWA LegendsAmerika2009-2013  
45AWA PinnacleAWA PinnacleAmerika2005-2007  
46AWA Pro Wrestling RUSHAWA Pro Wrestling RUSHAmerika04.2007-10.2007  
47AWA Spinebuster Championship WrestlingAWA Spinebuster Championship WrestlingAmerika2005-2006  
48AWA World-1 SouthAWA World-1 SouthAmerika2006-2009  
49AWA-Platinum Pro WrestlingAWA-Platinum Pro WrestlingAmerika2009-2009  
50AYA CatchAYA CatchEuropa2015-  
51Absolute Entertainment Inc.Absolute Entertainment Inc.Amerika2009-2010  
52Absolute Intense WrestlingAbsolute Intense WrestlingAmerika2005-8.1420
53Absolute WrestlingAbsolute WrestlingEuropa2015-  
54Absolute Wrestling EntertainenmentAbsolute Wrestling EntertainenmentAmerika2017-  
55Academie de Lutte EstrienneAcademie de Lutte EstrienneAmerika2010-  
56Accion Sin LimitesAccion Sin LimitesAmerika2010-  
57Acclaim Pro WrestlingAcclaim Pro WrestlingAmerika2010-  
58Acid Pro WrestlingAcid Pro WrestlingAmerika2000-2001  
59Action Packed WrestlingAction Packed WrestlingAmerikaxx.09.2006-2012  
60Action Pro WrestlingAction Pro WrestlingAmerika2019-  
61Action Wrestling EntertainmentAction Wrestling EntertainmentAmerika2003-2006  
62Action Zone WrestlingAction Zone WrestlingAmerika2005-2018  
63Active Advance Pro WrestlingActive Advance Pro WrestlingAsien27.05.2019-6.4521
64Actwres girl'ZActwres girl'ZAsien2015-  
65Ad Santel PromotionsAmerika1931-1961  
66Adelaide Championship WrestlingAdelaide Championship WrestlingRest der Welt2014-  
67Adiccion Lucha LibreAdiccion Lucha LibreAmerika2002-2004  
68Adrenaline Pro WrestlingAdrenaline Pro WrestlingRest der Welt2017-  
69Adriatic Special Combat AcademyAdriatic Special Combat AcademyEuropa2013-20187.296
70Adriatic Wrestling LeagueAdriatic Wrestling LeagueEuropa2011-2013  
71Africa Wrestling AllianceAfrica Wrestling AllianceRest der Welt2005-  
72Africa Wrestling FederationAfrica Wrestling FederationRest der Welt1995-2005  
73African Punishment Wrestling AssociationAfrican Punishment Wrestling AssociationRest der Welt2008-  
74Aggression Pro WrestlingAggression Pro WrestlingAmerika2015-2016  
75Aggression WrestlingAggression WrestlingAmerika2015-2016  
76Al Mayer Booking AgencyAmerika1936-1952  
77Alabama Pro WrestlingAlabama Pro WrestlingAmerika2003-2009  
78Alex Turk PromotionAmerika1946-1966  
79Alf Wheat PromotionsRest der Welt1929-  
80Alianza Nacional de Lucha LibreAlianza Nacional de Lucha LibreAmerika2006-  
81Alianza Universal De Lucha LibreAlianza Universal De Lucha LibreAmerika1990-  
82Alianza de Lucha Libre MexiquenseAlianza de Lucha Libre MexiquenseAmerika2012-  
83All Action WrestlingAll Action WrestlingEuropa2007-2011  
84All Action Wrestling All Action Wrestling Rest der Welt2005-2019  
85All American Championship WrestlingAmerika2006-2007  
86All American Pro WrestlingAll American Pro WrestlingAmerika2006-2012  
87All American WrestlingAll American WrestlingAmerika1998-2002  
88All American Wrestling All American Wrestling Amerika2004-08.20057.7358
89All American Wrestling Amerika1997-1999  
90All Australian Real Pro-WrestlingRest der Welt1998-1999  
91All Elite WrestlingAll Elite WrestlingAmerika2019-8.87258
92All Japan Pro WrestlingAll Japan Pro WrestlingAsien1972-8.63178
93All Japan Women's Pro-WrestlingAll Japan Women's Pro-WrestlingAsien1968-20059.6278
94All Pro Wrestling Amerika1994-1999  
95All Pro Wrestling Amerika-  
96All Star ExpoAll Star ExpoAmerika2010-2010  
97All Star Pro WrestlingAmerika2003-2004  
98All Star WrestlingAll Star WrestlingEuropa1970-8.0536
99All Star Wrestling Amerika2000-2004  
100All Star Wrestling  All Star Wrestling Amerika1977-1986  
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