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203.03.20215nicoShuffle7.0Watched them a lot in 2018. Very decent promotion with a pleasing setup and semi-permanent studio. Their crowds look a little too familiar week to week, so maybe admission is free? - regardless their clearly enthusiastic about the product and action, which is all that matters and it comes across well on TV. CWFH had a working relationship with the NWA, their wrestlers and titles making appearances and defenses on the shows. Had great talent of its own too, many have now left and have gone to Impact Wrestling and the NWA itself.
322.05.2019comewhatmay9275.0Cheesy as can be, but oddly entertaining. It'd get a six if their presentation was a bit more serious, but it's a great starter promotion for young people and families. The NWA and CZW titles are defended there often, which is a plus.
423.11.2018DanTalksRasslin6.0A former NWA affiliate, CWFH has a solid roster of talent and good production values including a TV presence. It may not yet have quite received national-level attention or earned a dedicated cult following outside of its main market, but is maybe a few steps - i. e. a hot feud, a homegrown talent catching fire, etc. - from that changing. Recently linking up with the NWA again to play host to NWA World Heavyweight Title defenses may help with that, as the NWA begins to return to relevance.
520.12.2017CM20008.0The wrestling isnt always great, but i still really like the show. Good characters, old school basic storytelling, and much better visual presentation than similarly sized promotions. Definitely watch it if you get a chance (I typically watch on the Fite app).
615.09.2017Cort3z5.0CWFH has been putting on some decent shows with some decent matches. The only reason why I've heard their name again recently is because of Rocky Romero. I've watched a couple of shows online and alot are hit & miss, but they got plenty of time to improve.
821.08.2017FakeemP. S. Pac 3 had three titles belts. Why, when only Bostic & Joseph are the tag Champs? Has the "Freebird Rule" been amended so everyone in a faction gets championship belts now? They had 2 tapings since the Red Carpet Rumble, and neither were listed here! What's going on? They had a taping on August 13, and had Chyrons for it throughout the airing. Even that show isn't listed here. Cagematch is failing. The matches from the taping that, once again, is not listed here, and aired on Tuff TV Saturday Night were: Alonzo Alvarez vs Big Duke, Astro Viajero vs Dylan Bostic, Brody King vs Anthony Idol, and Dan Joseph vs Ryan Taylor. Hopefully Cagematch will start listing the taping results again. They supposedly had a TV taping on June 11, but nothing is shown here. Was that event canceled or is Cagematch slipping? P. S. Tuff TV just aired matches from a taping after the Red Carpet Rumble, yet none of the results from that taping are here. So far they aired: Rocky Romero vs Ryan Taylor, Anthony Idol vs Jay Baker, Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro vs D'Marco Wilson & Guy Cool, and Scorpio Sky vs Espiritu. I wonder what else will be aired that Cagematch didn't post.
930.10.2016Sonny Black8.0
1031.07.2016JennyTG8.0Immer wieder eine kurzweilige INDY Promotion, die meiner meinung nach zu wenug Beachtung findet. Sie hatten Tolle Matches um die NWA CHampionship (Pearc gegen Colt Cabana z. B. ) und den einen oder andereen aktuellen oder früheren WWE star hat man dort schon mal gesehen :D und über die fite. tv App kann man die Weeklys auch kostenlos sehen. Und das in einer überraschend guten Qualität wie ich finde
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