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Average rating based on the displayed comments: 8.82
ElPolloLoco wrote on 09.10.2020:
[8.0] "They used to be really really good, basically on the same level as the big joshi promotions of the past, especially considering the tiny full-time roster they have always had and the fact they could never shake off the creepy pedo feeling of some stuff: in 2014-2015 they were one the top promotions around and put on amazing matches after amazing matches. Then the decline started and it is accelerating: their talent, domestic and foreign, was raided without mercy, the titles have been booked inconsistently (Bea Priestley as champion? Who thought that was a good idea? ) and having to rely more and more on young talent has only reinforced the creepy pedo feeling, despite some of these young gals being otherwise very promising. I think they are still the top joshi promotion around and surely the easiest to follow outside Japan together with TJP, but they have seen (much) better days without a doubt. Edit: one extra point because I don't know, I just don't know, how this promotion can seemingly bounce back from all that happened to them over the past couple of years. The continuous talent raids, three great workers retiring one after another, Hana Kimura being taken from us, the epidemic... and then they had that Yokohama show and they are already back at the top of the game, something that is made scarier by how little experience most top workers have. One of those times when I love to be proven wrong."
Vanstyler wrote on 16.09.2020:
[9.0] "This is the promotion where great wrestlers come from. The shows are fluid and it seems that all of them are perfectly understood in each match. Fairly entertaining shows for the whole family."
znezaalj wrote on 14.09.2020:
[10.0] "There is no doubt that Stardom is the best women? s wrestling promotion in the world. Others come close, such as: Tokyo Joshi Pro, Seadlinng, Sendai Girls and Ice Ribbon. But yet, they have better matches in my opinion. It is great to have english subtitles for promos, but the camera work has to improve IMO."
Casey Cline wrote on 23.07.2020:
[10.0] "Stardom is the pinnacle of women's wrestling. The wrestlers are very charismatic and consistently put on great, high octane matches. Thir top stars are some of the best in the world. Stardom is proof that girls can do it better."
Mijmeister wrote on 18.07.2020:
[10.0] "STARDOM consistantly prove on a regular basis why it's the best Women's Wrestling Promotion in the world. Great characters, superb wrestling, just all-round fantastic entertainment."
Klabauter wrote on 18.07.2020:
[10.0] "STARDOM is the best women's pro-wrestling company in the world right now. It has been for a long time imho, but the recent additions to the roster have further strenghtened the company. I wasn't happy with all the recent decisions made by Bushiroad/Rossy Ogawa, but all in all I trust them that it will turn out fine. The production quality certainly has been increased since Stardom belongs to Bushiroad and it is very nice to have the 24 Minutes of the "We are Stardom! " TV show available for international fans on their YouTube channel. The main reason to watch Stardom is the talent of course and the level of talent in Stardom is superb. From the mainstays Mayu, Momo, Konami and Kyona to the rookies and the newer additions to the roster they all are very good wrestlers at a very young age. In short: Good Wrestling, Good Presentation, Likeable Characters, Easy Accesable. 10 Points out of 10!"
MaskedGaijin wrote on 23.03.2020:
[9.0] "Da ich "dank" der Coronavirus Pandemie zu Hause sitzen muss, gönne ich mir gerade Stardom World. Aktuell sicher die beste Frauenliga (vielleicht zusammen mit Sendai Girl's). Sie bringen es auch immer wieder fertig neue Stars aufzubauen nach Abgängen wie die von Kairi Hojo (Sane) oder Io Shirai. Stardom macht einfach Spass."
Wrestling Forever wrote on 15.03.2020:
[9.0] "Eine der besten Wrestling Ligen überhaupt. Die Joshis und weiblichen Gajins haben einfach teilweise unfassbar starke Qualität auch wenn Stardome inzwischen einige sehr wichtige Abgänge hatte und viele die zurückgetreten sind schafft es die Liga immer wieder neue Joshis aufzubauen. Von mir gibt es 9 Punkte."
ooomegooo wrote on 12.02.2020:
[10.0] "Just the best women's promotion in the world. Three or four years ago, it goes to stagnation, when it was all around Shirai and Hojo, but now, with a support by Bushiroad, and raising a new superstars like Tamu-chan, Kashima, Kimura, Azumi, Kido-san and else, it grow up more. And of course it has a wonderful advantage - English subtitles, when we can understand pre-match promos, and all that girls say after that."
jaykyuen wrote on 16.01.2020:
[9.0] "An excellent promotion. It not only has plenty of amazing wrestlers and matches but also a roster stacked with very likeable characters and personal stories. No other wrestling company has made me feel so invested in the stories of so many people at the same time, I think that's their biggest strenght, even above the in ring work. Hopefully they'll be able to keep the quality steady if not improve it in the coming years now that they're under the Bushiroad banner."
PunchInTheNuts wrote on 04.07.2019:
[8.0] "A roster full of really young but very talented women and an ability to create some very promising rookies, but the booking by Rossy Ogawa is really stupid sometimes. At this point the World Of Stardom Championship, wich is supposed to be the number 1 title, doesn't mean that much anymore (being held by Bea Priestley right now), the Wonder of Stardom Championship main evented a lot more and feels like the top title. The challengers are too often decided weirdly, especially the foreigners who (beyond being mostly bad) are just given title shots randomly, just by being there. It is one of the best women's wrestling promotions in the world, maybe the best, but while Stardom has a lot of qualities, this is definitely not as good as its reputation says it is."
ferrante207 wrote on 04.06.2019:
[10.0] "The best women's wrestling in the world. The only drawback is there is a creep/pedo vibe, but if you can look past it, this promotion rules."
TylerWhite wrote on 21.04.2019:
[10.0] "Stardom ist die aktuell beste Women's Wrestling Promotion, aber auch eine der besten Promotions allgemein. Ich glaube ich habe noch nie eine schlechte Show von Stardom gesehen. Die Matchqualität ist überdurchschnittlich gut und selten gibt es mal ein schwaches Match auf der Card und dann gibt es immer wieder die wirklich sehr starken großen Matches zwischen den großen Stars von Stardom. Wirklich immer wieder schaffen sie es neue hervorragende Stars zu kreieren, die dann unglaubliche Matches zeigen und auch nachdem mit Io Shirai und Kairi Hojo zwei der größten Stars und auch zwei der besten Wrestlerinnen der Welt abgegangen sind haben sie gleich die nächsten Topstars hervorgebracht mit Mayu Iwatani, Kagetsu, Jungle Kyona und vor allem Momo Watanabe. Die Liga steht natürlich in den Fußstapfen von AJW und füllt diesen Platz perfekt aus. Stardom steht AJW in nichts nach und zeigt women's Wrestling, wie man es sonst nirgendwo sehen kann. Wirklich jeder Wrestling Fan sollte Stardom auf dem Schirm haben, denn tatsächlich ist das aktuell eine der besten Ligen überhaupt."
zephyr wrote on 19.03.2019:
[9.0] "Whoever is in charge of the talent scouting for Stardom is an absolute genius. No matter how many times their top stars leave, they always have several people ready to fill up that spot to continue being the best joshi promotion around."
20SaiDa19 wrote on 07.02.2019:
[9.0] "Despite recently losing some of their best talent, the overall quality of their product has improved. The monthly Korakuen Hall shows they hold usually deliver, although your enjoyment of the smaller shows will depend on if you like multi-women matches, something I particularly do. Also considering the age of the majority of their roster, I only expect their product to continue to improve in the future."
ForeverHeel wrote on 17.12.2018:
[10.0] "Stardom ist von allen Women Promations nicht nur die erfolgreichste nein sie ist auch noch die beste in der Womens Wrestlingwelt. Das fängt schon bei dem Roster an. Dieser ist im durchschnitt zirka 20-25 Jahre alt, das bedeutet mit 30 biste eine Oma. Kleine Mädchen werden zu großen Stars aufgebaut wie z. B. Kairi Hojo, Io Shirai oder Mayu Iwatani die noch recht Jung und mit sehr viel Talent ausgestattet sind. 10 Punkte für eine der schönsten Promotion der Welt."
RussTShackleford46 wrote on 17.12.2018:
[9.0] "Stardom's added a lot of roster depth over the last year, which is impressive considering they lost Io Shirai, Yoko Bito, and others in that span. The roster probably has a good 13-15 workers who can reliably deliver good matches with consistency. That's led to the promotion having a lot more shows that are solid from top to bottom, versus some of the more top heavy shows of the Threedom Era. No question Stardom has a ton of positive momentum heading into 2019."
Darroa wrote on 09.12.2018:
[9.0] "Right now, one of the best Joshis. While they can have some drawbacks as too many belts or some wrestlers (specially gaijins) being hit or miss, the main event scene is great. You also have entertaining acts as the stable Oedo Tai and some top notch wrestlers as Mayu Iwatani. Easily accesible and with videos subtitled, it's easy to watch, and you won't need to watch too much to already have some favorites"
Muramasa wrote on 09.12.2018:
[9.0] "Probably the most well-known Joshi promotion worldwide thanks to talent like Io Shirai or Kairi Hojo, or MOTYCs like Io Shirai vs Mayu Iwatani quite easily found in Youtube. They balance, quite successfully, both in ring-performance with character work, and it's hard to not fall in love with one or two characters the first time you watch a show. Stardom's main event scene is top notch, while undercard matches can be a bit hit or miss. A hit or miss is also their choice in gaijins, as sometimes their style doesn't translate well with the one of the Stardom talent. The product is easily accessible, both in product availability through Stardom World for a fair price and the pre and post-match promos are subtitled, even some dialogues in-match have subtitles. The only drawbacks in my opinion are the choice of gaijins and the number of titles, some of which haven't been defended in ages"
JamesHendricks87 wrote on 23.09.2018:
[9.0] "Believe it or not, Stardom seems to be getting better after losing Io Shirai & Kairi Hojo to WWE. Even though they were both at the highest level, the overall roster is much deeper than it was in the "Threedom" days, and probably has more quality wrestlers than ever before. With a lot of talent on the rise and belts changing hands in early 2018, the product has a fresh, "anything can happen" vibe right now."
RatingsMachine wrote on 21.09.2018:
[7.0] "I really wanted to rate Stardom higher, but they're not quite consistently good enough, at least to a high enough standard."
The Lodger of Souls wrote on 19.07.2018:
[10.0] "Despite a thin roster, STARDOM put on amazing shows consistently and showcase the talents of both veterans and provide opportunities for up-and-comers."
Makai Club wrote on 04.02.2018:
[7.0] "In the six months that I've been watching Stardom full time (meaning full time instead of the occasional match that gets praise), I can definitely say this company is great company in terms of having top talent and great matches but not the best at making great use of that talent. The main event matches almost always deliver, it helps when you got Io Shirai and Mayu Iwatani in those roles. But, the positioning of the wrestlers throughout the roster is non-existent. Anyone can be in the midcard, anyone can main event. It makes the company and booking chaotic at times. The gajins every tour are very hit and miss, you can get the one good wrestler but the rest are mostly terrible. The matches are great, the booking, not so much. However, I'm never bored when watching their shows."
AlexRichards wrote on 28.12.2017:
[7.0] "STARDOM always guarantee one must watch match per show, unfortunately they have a very thin roster and sometimes the midcard matches can be average. Not a bad company but certainly not a 9"
Glover wrote on 28.03.2017:
[5.0] "A company that can trace most of its current success and notoriety on a small handful of women, all of which are fantastic, but only a small part of the roster. Shirai, Iwatani, and Hojo are the three women that carry this company at the moment, and with two of them likely leaving for WWE and the third likely retiring at the end of the year, one has to wonder how the company will rebound from such a massive loss of talent. There exist good workers in the midcard of the promotion (Jungle Kyona, Yoko Bito, etc. ), but none seem to be on the same level of star power as the threedom. It also doesn't help that Rossy Ogawa's standards for foreign talent are rock-bottom, placing his best talent across from mostly incredibly green and just plain bad women from the western scene. Main events and semi-mains are often good-to-fantastic, but the undercards are generally some of the most skippable of any promotion. It's reached a point where one has to wonder if Rossy will forego pushing the Japanese women on his roster with potential star power for pretty gaijin that can't work once Io, Kairi, and Mayu are gone."
Damian wrote on 29.12.2016:
[5.0] "Good in ring stuff. Sometimes even great (I really like Io). Nothing else to talk about though. Average production values, non existent out-of-ring entertainment factor, small roster a lot of meaningless titles etc."
mrmctommy wrote on 08.09.2016:
[10.0] "Watching Stardom after strictly being on WWE stuff for so long was like an electric shock to the head."
Luv all wrestling wrote on 05.06.2016:
[8.0] "STARDOM has great main events, odea tai are funny, hojo, iwatani and shirai are great, my only problem is that there is no upper midcard"
martyrofevil wrote on 07.04.2016:
[10.0] "Despite being marred by a tiny roster filled with mostly rookies, Stardom always manages to impress from their world-class top girls down to their rookies who are brimming with potential. Add an always impressive array of foreign talent to fill out the card and regular MOTY candidates from the main event and its no surprise why Stardom is starting to edge out the competition and cement itself as the top joshi promotion in Japan. I love everything about this company."
MoonsaultsEdgecution wrote on 21.02.2016:
[10.0] "Ich kenne keine Liga weltweit, die Frauenwrestling konsequent so toll in Szene setzt wie Stardom. Zurecht die derzeit erfolgreichste Joshi Promotion im Land der aufgehenden Sonne und um Längen besser als Shimmer/Shine in den USA."
CJ Dusk wrote on 27.10.2014:
[10.0] "I thought women's wrestling was boring but, then I found Stardom by accident and now my eye's have been open to the world of Joshi wrestling. After a year of watching Stardom I'm a huge fan. Awesome matches with cool moves and great story telling, a colorful roster, and a few legends. I wish this was on TV in the USA."
sign squad wrote on 01.03.2014:
[6.0] "Die Liga hat mein Herz erobert. Unterhaltsame und richtig gute Shows, übersichtliches Geschehen und jede Menge Talente, die auch die Fans erreichen, was man an den TV Shows (OK, davon gibt es nicht so viele) sehen kann. Dazu eine Nachwuchsarbeit, die scheinbar eine der besten ist. Ich habe noch nie vorher gesehen, dass bei einer Show wie jetzt am 20. 03. 2012 vier komplette Neulinge ihr erstes oder zweite Match bestreiten und mich dabei so beeindrucken. Man kann kritisieren, dass die STARDOM Welt ein wenig schwach besetzt ist auf der Heel Seite, aber das ist Joshi in den letzten 10 Jahren generell finde ich. Die Liga zieht nach etwas über einem Jahr solide Zuschauerzahlen, auch in der Korakuen Hall, was ja auch nicht jede Liga von sich behaupten kann. Mir gefällt das Produkt und die Matches und würde so gerne auch mal in den US Indies eine solche Motivation und Einstellung präsentiert bekommen. REALITÄTSUPDATE 3/2014 von 10 auf 6 Punkten. Nach mehr gesehenen Shows recht langweilige und wrestlerisch eher durchschnittlich. Hier und da wirklich gutes Main Events, aber das meiste kommt über ein "ordentlich" nicht hinaus."
Gredzilla wrote on 19.05.2013:
[9.0] "Keine Ahnung was Joshi is aber wenn ich mal bock hab histerische Weiber im Ring zu sehen dann Stardom..... Ja Spaß beiseite. Ich gucks selten weil es ja auch selten TV-Shows gibt und ich auch schwer Zeit hab dazu aber wenn bereu ich es selten. Stardom rockt und Yuzukis Abgang is Schade."
Lucha Entertainer wrote on 25.03.2013:
[10.0] "Stardom ist bestimmt nicht die beste Joshi-Liga aber es gibt immer wieder Talente die sichden Vergleich mit Leuten der großen Ligen nicht scheuen brauchen. Wenn man noch kein Matsh von Stardom gesehen hat sollte man dies unbedingt tun sonst verpasstman noch etwas."
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